Nick Slade
Nick Slade
"The guy friends come to for
advice on relationships."
Dating Experience:
20 Years
Nick has always been the guy friends would come to for advice on relationships, and he developed a knack for giving helpful insights. You can check out his e-book "How to Attract, Date and Win the Heart and Body of the Girl of Your Dreams" on Amazon. Connect with Nick on Google+.
After college, Nick was a disc jockey for a few years, when the love generation was still alive, so Nick has a lot of relevant experience to draw from when it comes to every aspect of dating, falling in love and screwing things up.
Watching "Dancing with the Stars," "Castle" and "Revenge," sampling various vintage beers (anything in a can or bottle will do) and massaging his feet. Nick is a news junkie and tries to keep up on the latest non-fiction when he has time.

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