Sam Stieler
Sam Stieler
"Interested in human behavior and why we act the way we do. "
Dating Experience:
11 Years
Sam has a deep interest in human behavior, psychology and why we act the way we do. He has studied these topics extensively and learns something new about male/female relationships every single day. Sam is primarily interested in the concept of personal growth and honesty, and the way these two factors lie at the heart of successfully attracting, and keeping, the sort of partner you've always wanted. Connect with him on Google+.
Sam has dated quite a bit and has enjoyed a variety of different types of relationships, from the serious to the less so. Because dating and relationships form one of his greatest personal interests, he also speaks with everyone he meets about these topics.
Travel! Sam has visited three new countries in the last two months and plans on visiting many more over the course of the year. Drawing. One of his favorite ways to spend an afternoon is sitting in a cafe sketching everything and everyone. Dancing. Sam loves to go to the club and dance, which he says is better than therapy.

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