5 First Date Ideas for Gay Men

July 11, 2012
5 First Date Ideas for Gay Men

Whether you’ve been out of the closet for six months or six years, planning a killer first date is a must. After all, you only have one chance to make a great first impression. No matter if this is a blind date or a first one-on-one meeting following a five-month online relationship, here are five first date ideas to knock his socks off.

1. Picnic.

Depending on your local terrain, plan a romantic picnic with artisan cheeses, croissants, cured meats and wine. Bring him to a beautiful area of where you live and set it up complete with music and candles. This gives the two of you a lot of quiet time to talk and get to know each other.

2. Museum or gallery opening.

Even for people who don’t think they’re “artsy,” visiting a museum or gallery opening is not only a way to gain culture, it also helps create dialogue for two people who have never been on a date together.

3. Outdoor activity.

If, and only if, you know your guy enjoys outdoor activities, then plan a hike, paddle boarding session or bike ride. Follow up with a relaxed dinner at an outdoor cafe — somewhere it won’t matter if the two of you are a little bit sweaty.

4. A concert.

Choosing a concert for a first date can be tricky, but it can also be a “hole in one.” If possible, choose an outdoor concert. Bonus points if you’re allowed to bring a blanket and picnic.

If it has to be an indoor show, then choose something mellow where you can get a few words in over the amps.

5. A sunset.

Be spontaneous and ask him to meet you at the local pier to watch the sunset over the ocean. Bring a bottle of champagne, something to nosh on and arm yourself with some interesting local history, such as a shipwreck, doomed love affair among sailors or anything cool that’s washed up on the shore.

First dates can be scary or absolutely amazing. It’s what you make of it. Think outside the box and don’t rely on the traditional dinner and movie. That will get stale real quick.

Watch the sunset, visit a local art exhibit or go for a hike — just put some thought into it.

Kara Pound is an award-winning journalist based in St. Augustine, Fla. She holds a Bachelor of Science in Journalism from Flagler College. Her work has been published in INKED, Natural Awakenings, Design Aglow, Memphis Flyer, Jacksonville Magazine, E/Environmental Magazine and dozens more. Check out some of Kara's work at karapound.com. Connect with her on Google+.

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2 Responses

    #1 seems to be a bit too strong for a first date. I think if you already know your date well, then it might be fine. But for example, someone who asked you out from the gym and all you know is that he can bench press X pounds, then it might be a little too strong.

      I always feel any first date that doesn’t have a good balance of talking and activity is doomed. For example, if you go on a picnic and the conversation stagnates and it gets awkward, then that guy might not want to see you again. That’s why for my first dates I usually go on a bike ride or something.

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