Where, Oh Where Are the Lesbians?

November 14, 2012
Where, Oh Where Are the Lesbians?

Gay women are everywhere but we’ve yet to start adorning ourselves with a scarlet “L” on our foreheads. We’re also not all wearing rainbow colored earrings or T-shirts declaring our sexual preferences. Well OK, some of us are wearing the T-shirts.

In the meantime, I’m asked every week where and how to find gay women. So here’s my insider secret — meetup.com.  Yes, it’s that simple.

There are more than 111,000 meet-up groups around the world, and last month there were more than 7,000 new groups started. There are thousands of lesbian groups on meetup.com and it’s growing.

Here’s the deal.

Go to the website and search for lesbian, LGBT, gay, queer or whatever your preference is and explore the options. My bet is you’ll be surprised by what shows up.

Next step is to join.

It’s usually a simple process and doesn’t usually cost anything either. Some groups make their meeting info public, but I find most lesbian groups only make their info available to members of the group. So join, don’t wait.

What’s great about meet-up groups is they often revolve around events that aren’t in the bar.

Aren’t you tired of trying to meet women at a bar? Yes, it’s great for a while but most women I know are tired of the bar scene and have found that connections they make in a bar aren’t always high quality and lasting.

Meet-up groups are one of the best venues available these days for women who want to both make friends and find love. I run a few different groups, one is for dating and the other two are for socializing. And let me tell you, there is a lot of socializing going on along with women finding love.

Even in groups where the focus is on socializing and friendship, we all know love happens, but friendships also happen.

Get out there and do it now. Take the plunge. You won’t regret it.

Mary G. Malia, founder of Gay Girl Dating Coach, is a certified singles coach, strategic intervention coach and author of the book "The Gay Girl’s Guide to Avoid the 14 Dating Traps." She’s known as the leading resource and expert for lesbians who want to move past the barriers to finding love and lasting relationships. Connect with Mary on Google+.

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4 Responses

    that’s a really good tip. It’s so hard to meet other girls, and you’re right, after awhile you get so tired of going to bars

    Yea but does that site offer a place for different age groups? I’m sure we all want love (well most of us) but there’s got to be a way to filter the ppl who sign up.

      Mary Gorham Malia
      Mary Gorham Malia (DatingAdvice.com)

      Hi MoneyTree,
      Meetups are designed many different ways depending on the organizers. All of the meetups I belong to and organize run some events that are focused on different age groups. We’ve set the rule as – this event is for 20 somethings but anyone can attend. Same for 30, 40, 50 and beyond.

      The beauty of meetup group is the activities are only limited by your imagination and women’s interests. Find one in your area, join up or start your own. :-)

        Thank you! I’d be interested in going to different age group ones to see what older women think when it comes to my personal struggles. I appreciate the boost of confidence, Mary.

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