She Rejected My Kiss. Does She Only Want to Be Friends?

November 16, 2012
She Rejected My Kiss. Does She Only Want to Be Friends?

Reader Question:

I met this girl and everything seemed great. One night we went out for a drink and the chemistry was going fine, but then when I went for the kiss, she rejected it. I never expected this outcome since we were having such a good vibe.

A couple days later I text her and she tells me she only wants to be friends. Then I decide to ease off, cutting all communication with her for a couple weeks. Last week at the bar I randomly saw her. Although she felt really distant, I could still tell there was some chemistry going on.

Does this girl only want to be friends or something more? Or should I simply move on?


Dr. Wendy Walsh’s Answer:

I’m always amazed when men and women get a clear answer when they seek relationship definition and then ignore the answer.
She told you very clearly. She just wants to be platonic friends. And she backed her answer up with behavior.

When you happened to run into her, she acted distant. The “chemistry” you perceive might only be coming from your end. I think you should move on. There are plenty of wonderful women who will appreciate you.

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5 Responses

    Guys when women aren’t interested they show you and tell you! Most men just refuse to accept the rejection and think she’s playing games. No games neccessary! Just accept her answer as “no” and move on.

      Have you ever thought that women send mixed signals that tell men they want to be kissed than when they go for it the women back off like we did somethign wrong?

      Ps Twilight does suck

      Great answer! What does a girl do when they’ve told a guy they no longer love them and how it will never work out especially since he cheated several times and she cannot trust him nor does she want to try again but for some reason he must think she Is joking or lying because he acts like nothing has happened… What does a girl do? It’s her house he lives at, should she have to leave her place and let him stay there by himself? Also, she likes someone else but she thinks she might’ve lost that person forever from being mean to him couple times due to her frustration with her current guy and she inadvertently took it out on him and he never wanted to accept my apology. Should I just move on from him also? Assume that if he never responded or called back that he never wants to hear from me again?

    Man, Dr. Walsh nailed it. I wanted to quote that “chemistry” idea too.

    Daniel, I hate to say it, but she’s not into you and you can’t just come up with the idea she’s into you. It’s only a fantasy :/

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