Are Men Really Scared of Approaching Women?

October 26, 2012
Are Men Really Scared of Approaching Women?

Rattlesnakes and rabid pit bulls have nothing on a sweet petite woman when it comes to intimidating a man. Sure, we learn to cover up our fear and cowardice with a manly swagger or have a shot of courage before we make the approach, but there are many times when it takes every ounce of our courage just to smile and say hello.

The reasons are many and are different for different men. In general terms, the “why” can be put into three categories:

  • Next to a beautiful woman, we feel like a turd in the punch bowl.

We find it absurd to think that such a beautiful and sweet creature would be interested in talking to us.

  • She’s going to know what we really want.

Well, we really just want to get close to her and look in her eyes right now, but she’s bound to think we just want sex. Women get hit on so often and by so many sleaze bags that they are bound to group us in with the lowlifes.

  • She might reject us.

Our skin may be tough as leather, but our egos are very fragile.

If a woman has a warm smile and a welcoming nature to put us at ease, we will be much more likely to take the risk and make a move.

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7 Responses

    “Next to a beautiful woman, we feel like a turd in the punch bowl.” HAhaha, awesome

    Oh, boy…the second point of this article is right on! There are a lot of sleaze bags out there. But guess what?! When you get older they and the good men don’t pay any attention to us. We gals sort of go under the radar. We become invisible and not worthy of any kind of attention. It’s like being dead.

      That’s terrible, Louise. I have been divorced for yrs, but even though Im lonely, I can’t bring myself to approach a woman. I am too shy. I just feel like because I’ve been hurt so much in the past, why would any woman ever be true? And I feel like if I take a chance to try & date, then I’m betraying my 3 children. Im the primary custodian of them. I worry that deep down, after being together for a while, they’ll all turn out to be like the others in my past & I’ll have the kids hearts set on finally getting a mother right when I’ve seen that they aren’t the one.

        I’m sorry for your bad experiences. Yes, it is very hard and lonely especially today when people seem to be so selfish and corrupt. It’s what I call political correctness. Kids are important and you are right in wanted to protect them and one must be careful about company. Several years ago I bought this book written by a private investigator. It has tips for women on what to watch out for. It’s called ‘Check him Out.’ I can’t remember the name of the author, but I’m sure a guy could use the advice as well as any gal. Take care and have fun with the kids for the holidays. That’s worth everything.

          C. Price
          Cynthia (

          I enjoy this comradery, Louise and James. Between the two of you I see humble souls who appreciate honesty and a lot of self-worth.

          There is always a risk we put on the line when we put ourselves first. Going on a first date, approaching a man or woman– we try not to remind ourselves of who’s feelings we may hurt and therefore retract any decision to make a move. Ultimately, we end up two steps back.

          I recommend trying to remove those “doubts” because you have worked too hard to be disrespected by a sleaze bag, or ever feel like you betrayed your loved ones. Let one foot guide the other.

          You’ve both got good heads on your shoulders, I commend you for that!

    Welcome to a mans world Louise. Only joking lol! It is like that sometimes though, a man with no charisma or balls to approach a woman is invisible.

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