How To’s for Women

Our how-to section is a place for women to turn to when sometimes they just aren’t sure how to.

How To for Women
How to Spend Halloween as a Single Woman
Halloween is that one day of the year when it’s completely acceptable to wave your freak flag. You can go to work as a super hero, out to dinner as a naughty cat or party at your neighborhood bar as a French maid. Halloween is awesome! ...
How to Know You’re a Booty Call
Have you ever wondered if the guy you’re with thinks of you as just a booty call and not really as a girlfriend? Actually, wondering about it is the first danger sign that it might be true! Sex is an important aspect of adult relationships, but if it’s the only aspect, then it’s not really a...
How to Talk to Your Boyfriend About Sex
Even the most confident man is just one bad sexual performance or criticism away from devastation. He may be bummed out by rejection when he’s meeting women, but he’s devastated when he thinks his sexual performance does not meet a woman’s standards. ...
How to Know You Should Break Up With Him
In today’s culture of talk show therapy and self-help books, looking at our relationships through the filter of dysfunction has come to be the norm. Too often, women expect their men to be broken and try to change themselves to compensate for his shortcomings. ...
How to Date After Divorce
Dating after divorce is a tricky web to weave. There are thousands of variables and medians, plus all of that other annoying math talk that figures into finding another Mr. Right. Hopefully he doesn’t turn out to be another Mr. Wrong. But let’s be optimistic. ...