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Tictail Events Unite a Widespread Community of Artists & Fashionistas in NYC

Amber Brooks • 4/05/17

The Short Version: Since 2012, Tictail has empowered entrepreneurs to connect with a global retail network and market their passion projects on the web. The platform provides an easy-to-use space for designers to sell their wares, and the brick-and-mortar store, called Tictail Market, hosts many engaging social events in New York City. With a cross-continental team, the startup supports a far-reaching community of tens of thousands of independent brands collaborating online and in person. Tictail events showcase the works of local artists and give daters a way to mix and mingle with young people who share similar interests. Across the globe, many fashionable, innovative, and outgoing individuals come together to appreciate beautiful works sponsored by Tictail’s unique social marketplace.

Parisian illustrator Samuel Eckert infuses physical space with joy and color. Though he was diagnosed myopic as an infant, his work is anything but nearsighted.

In 2016, he brought his unique perspective on the world to Tictail Market, a store in New York City, as part of an indoor and outdoor exhibition. This free event gave visitors a reason to pause, observe, and wonder together. Dozens of New Yorkers came over the course of three days for the chance to be captivated by, “a nice silhouette, a catchy word, or an appealing setup,” in the words of Samuel Eckert.

Singles should always have their eye out for events, like this art exhibition, where like-minded people collect, hang out, and bond over shared interests. For all you fashion lovers out there, Tictail organizes dynamic events in cultural hubs around the world. From local happy hours to global meetups, the retail marketplace connects emerging designers in fashion, art, and home decor.

Launched in 2012, Tictail empowers small business owners to expand their reach across borders to hundreds of countries and thousands of customers. The personalities of the designers shine through on the website, so online shoppers feel more connected to the sellers and their labors of love.

Tictail hosts events where singles and couples can mingle in an artsy and original environment.

The Tictail team has built a lively community around the creative designs of artists. In 2016, they opened Tictail Market, a brick-and-mortar store in New York’s Lower East Side, where they put on widely attended events, including a flowery Valentine’s Day celebration for romantics.

“Today, we have a sprawling marketplace with millions of products and tens of thousands of brands,” Briana Feigon, Director of Communications at Tictail, told us. “We started doing events at Tictail Market just as soon as we opened the store in January 2016. The events we hold are a perfect way to bring our community together and add new, interesting, creative people into the mix.”

A Social Marketplace & Global Network for Entrepreneurs

Founded by two engineers and two designers, Tictail has always maintained a healthy blend of technology and fashion. Now looking good is as easy as visiting this trendy shopping destination. The platform supports chic designs from independent brands stretching across 140 countries, so daters out there can find the perfect outfit to wow anyone.

“My favorite thing about Tictail is the way brands and shoppers are able to build personal relationships between one another,” Briana told us. “A shopper can come to Tictail and discover amazingly talented womenswear designers or ceramics specialists or leading bag brands from countries they’ve never even visited.”

The Tictail Market uses its outside mural space to display thought-provoking artwork.

Every month, the Tictail Market features the work of a local graphic artist or illustrator on its wall outside. The 2016 Tictail art series supported the work of well-reputed mural artists, including Thomas Danthony and Atelier Bingo. Plus, when a new colorful mural goes up, the store hosts a lively celebration to give Tictail’s trendsetting community a physical space where they can gather, connect, and collaborate.

In March 2017, Tictail celebrated Women’s History Month by spotlighting amazing women at its events and on its shelves as part of Women Creating History. “We’re always working on great things,” said Briana. “We’re looking forward to finding new ways to shed light on the incredible female network of creative entrepreneurs on Tictail.”

Take a Date to Tarot Readings, Art Shows & Eye-Catching Events

Whether you’re single or in a couple, Tictail’s events are great ways to chill out and chat with fellow designers, artists, and fashionistas. From tarot readings to photography exhibitions, Tictail puts together events in the heart of New York City to highlight the remarkable variety of artistic talent in the platform’s global community. Attendees at these events are treated to exceptional sights, tastes, and sensations.

“Come have a sangria popsicle, suit up in linens, and enjoy the heat,” read the description for Alex Crane’s Summer Bash. Who can resist a sangria popsicle? Sounds like an intriguing date spot for New Yorkers with refined tastes.

In January 2016, Tictail titillated visitors with Get Nude Get Drawn, an art show presenting nude drawings of more than 40 models who responded to an internet request by the artists. Over 500 attendees browsed the work of illustrator Mike Perry and his contemporaries. A few even exchanged a few flirtatious words in a sexually charged atmosphere.

Daters can check out Tictail’s events page to find what’s coming up on the calendar and brainstorm unique places to socialize and flirt. Focused on beauty, creativity, and artistry, these events give guests plenty to look at and talk about as they rub elbows with local leaders in retail and fashion.

You can browse Tictail Market for a new look or come to a social event to meet many fashionable people in New York City.

The team welcomes innovative minds to come together and share their ideas about retail and fashion in a low-key environment. That means drinking is usually involved. You can follow Tictail on Facebook to find out where and when to meet up with their community.

“I believe a shared love for art and design can create a feeling of instant or renewed romance,” commented Briana. “At the end of the day, everyone is looking for a story to tell. To meet at an event, have friends or passions in common, connect over a piece of art — it’s all a great way to build a story together.”

The Startup’s Close-Knit Team Fosters Creativity & Connection

Tictail employs a passionate group of designers, marketers, and engineers working to help innovative retailers run a successful business. The friendly work culture puts people at ease and encourages creativity in a collaborative environment. To make Halloween cool again, the Tictail team put together a Halloween costume contest that tapped into the team’s design talents and inventiveness.

“We breathe Swedish heritage and values, especially through our emphasis on personal happiness and professional growth,” Briana said. “It’s a part of our core values and aligns itself flawlessly with our mission of empowering the entrepreneurs on our platform.”

Every year, the team takes a break from their offices in Stockholm and New York City to spend a company-sponsored vacation bonding as a “big cross-continental family,” as Briana put it.  In 2015, they retreated to Iceland for “thinking, drinking, and hanging in Reykjavik.”  They spent their days snowmobiling, visiting viking villages, singing karaoke, and soaking in the scenery, which included geysers and hot springs.

Every year, Tictail whisks employees away on an all-expenses-paid company vacation.

The startup is constantly growing its team to reach more and more people in the retail world. In 2014, Tictail opened offices in New York City and began establishing a reputation among designers by hosting frequent events that showcase unparalleled artistic creations.

Team satisfaction is high at this fun-loving startup, where slippers are the footwear of choice, and there’s no denying they’re very good at what they do.

Tictail: Finding Common Threads Between Independent Brands

The Tictail team draws from the creativity of entrepreneurs all over the world to make their quirky storefront and online marketplace a rich resource for artsy individuals. Daters can use Tictail to shop online for stunning first-date apparel offered by tens of thousands of independent brands — or they can come in person to meet local designers and artists at a Tictail event.

Whether you live in New York City or Stockholm, Tictail’s global network connects artsy self-starters with an appreciative audience.

Tictail’s retail platform and storefront provide engaging places for creatives to share ideas and designs.

On the corner of Orchard Street and Broome Street, the Tictail Market welcomes an energetic crowd of artists and art lovers in the neighborhood. The shop changes its look every month, and the events constantly evolve to create memorable and original experiences for regular attendees.

“We want you to come in, grab a beer, look at amazing art, and meet like-minded people,” said Briana. “It’s a great way to get to know and connect with the Tictail community — our brands, staff, and shoppers.”

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