1st Date Paid For A group of girls sitting next to us…


1st Date Paid For A group of girls sitting next to us…

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    June 3, 2017 at 11:35 am #138378
    1st Date Paid For A group of girls sitting next to us…

    Last night i went on a date with a guy that has been adamant about taking me to dinner. I had my choice with several 1st dates i could have taken, but chose to go to dinner with this particular guy.

    He’s a successful tech guy and does well for himself. He was extremely charming and kept paying me compliments. Once we sat down, there was a table of 3 girls celebrating one of their birthdays. We smiled at them as to acknowledge it was their birthday and continued conversation amongst ourselves. I got up to wash my hands and when i came back i noticed his credit card was out. He explained that he paid for their dinner and he enjoys making people happy. I told him how sweet that was. BUT, to not my surprise, the girls were then extremely quiet (as they were once loud) and whispering into each other’s ears and giggling which immediately made me uncomfortable as it was now a distraction. i saw her writing her number on the receipt and asked the waiter to give it to him as she pointed

    June 3, 2017 at 11:38 am #138379

    which also made me uncomfortable. his back was turned to her so as he was speaking i was watching. when our check came, he acted as if he was extremely surprised that she gave him her number and passed me the piece of paper and said, “wow, you can’t even do nice things without it being taken out of context”, this turned me off because being as successful as he is, i can’t imagine that he is this naive.

    i have high standards for dates and i wish he had focused more on our date. He asked me if this “act of kindness” ruined his chances with me as he seemed extremely concerned. I told him we owe each other nothing but i told him i don’t believe he was as naive as he was putting out and that it was strange that he paid for their dinner only when i left. so it came off sneaky.

    i’m not sure if he kept the number or not but would you give this guy a second date?

    June 5, 2017 at 8:46 pm #138520

    The way you tell it, it looks like he paid 3 girls to get attention while he was on a date with a 4th, you.

    It really depends on your gut feeling and whether you’re OK with it. You’ve met him once, maybe he truly thought this was OK and just acted inappropriately. If you felt he was sincere in his regret that it might’ve destroyed the chances of between you and him you might just have to school him a bit.

    I would personally not be willing to waste time on someone I wasn’t certain had her eyes on one person at a time. It’s not a simple decision though. It depends what you saw in him.

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