3 months and counting…..


3 months and counting…..

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    November 29, 2014 at 3:00 pm #68335
    3 months and counting…..

    This is going to be a multi part thread as 1000 characters aren’t enough….

    I met this gal online one night, she messaged me and I like very pretty liked her profile and we started talking that night. 5 hours later still talking and chemistry is oozing all over the phone. She invited me over her place for some wine by the pool in her apt complex. Great night, kisses on the good bye. We start texting everyday and talking when we can. Ground rules are set as to how we’d proceed, slow and steady on the emotional front. Ex hubby cheated on her so she has the wall up.

    We’d see each other when she was off and do the normal date stuff, intimacy follows. We begin to have some feelings for each other, along the lines of “I care for you” and “I miss you” type stuff….Always have the connection and chemistry when together. Sweet to each other etc. 2 months we talk about what we are status wise, we’re dating exclusively so we pretty much conclude we’re bf and gf.

    November 29, 2014 at 3:06 pm #68336

    We start talking one day about how we feel for each other and she is saying stuff to me like “You’re a great guy” and “I’m so glad I have you in my life”. And the sweetest thing she has ever said was when talking about Christmas was that “The only thing I want for Xmas is you”…That made me feel special beyond belief.

    Then one day I slipped up…..I said them 3 words “I love you”…But not in the context as it sounds, not like I love you in that complete picture type because we’re both not ready for that….I meant it like “I love how you treat me” “I love how you care about me” things like that…Realized my blunder and started to think of how to fix it. She didn’t freak out or anything. I sent her flowers one day at her job. She’s in retail so I could walk into the store and see here. But we decided to hold off on that. As she’s a private person when it comes to that. She loved the flowers…

    I did go in last Friday with my daughter to buy a dress for Christmas pictures….

    December 1, 2014 at 9:21 am #68337

    And was waiting on a bag to be monogrammed. Was talking to her boss and it slipped out that I was the one that sent her the flowers. And we’ve been talking. DUMB…..She was a little annoyed me the next day and I didn’t here from her for 3 days. So I needed to get boots for the kids dress and went there to get them from her. Asked her why she hasn’t texted me or anything and she was like work busy etc but she was getting over what happened. Sigh of relief….

    Next day I asked her to come over before work so I could fix the whole “I love you” thing, she drops the bomb on me….

    “I’ve been thinking that I need some space, I think you may be more into this than I am” I’m scratching my head….

    Then she says something along the lines of “feeling something that’s not there”….I’m freaking at this point as I realized I didn’t talk to her quick enough and she’s making up her own decisions with out even talking to me. So I ask her to call me etc, nothing. I call her and voice mail.

    December 1, 2014 at 9:21 am #68338

    Buy the dress and have a bag monogrammed. Start talking to her boss and I blunder out that I sent the flowers. DUMB….And that we’re been talking…Like a mother to the girl. So she was a little annoyed at me the next day. Didn’t here from her till I went in and had to buy boots now and spoke to her on Tuesday and was like “Still mad ” etc…She said she was getting over it. I asked here if we’re good and she’s like we are. Sigh of relief…

    Text her Wednesday morning to see if she’ll come over before work and talk about the whole “I love you” stuff and to clarify. She drops the bomb….

    “I think I need some space, I think you’re more into this than I am” *scratching head* Followed up by something like.

    “feeling something” or such..

    I’m freaking a little as I knew I was to late to fix, so at least ask her to cal. Nothing, call her and voice mail. Send her some text that we really need to talk about this and clarify and let me fix this.