A close cousin is still good friends with my ex gf?


A close cousin is still good friends with my ex gf?

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    July 21, 2017 at 10:49 pm #142931
    A close cousin is still good friends with my ex gf?

    My ex dumped me one month ago after almost 2 years together. She lives 4 hours away but goes to college 30 minutes away from me. A good cousin my age (female) also goes to the same school as my ex and they are both in some of the same classes. They have always been decent friends but mostly hung out with their own friends. Although I want my ex back and I have been in NC for the month, my ex is still close with my cousin!!! I always see them liking each others social media posts and it’s like she doesn’t care that my ex broke my heart and is killing me.

    Is this right of her? Should I tell her that it is bothering me that she is being so friendly when me and my ex are not happy with each other? It is very awkward knowing this. If they don’t stop, I will not be friends with my cousin anymore.

    Since I want my ex back eventually, would it be wise to let them be friends or have minimal contact? I realize it’s not my call but what do you think would make my ex want me back more?

    July 22, 2017 at 1:51 pm #142944

    If your cousin is part of your close family, then I would let your cousin know how you feel. An outsider should never come in between you and your family. If you want your ex back, it would be wise to let them be friends as maybe your cousin can work to get the two of you back together.