A girl asked me for my number and said she would call me, but hasn't.


A girl asked me for my number and said she would call me, but hasn't.

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    March 29, 2013 at 12:41 am #27248
    A girl asked me for my number and said she would call me, but hasn't.

    I went to a bar a few days ago, while I was there I noticed a waitress. I approached her a few times, we talked three or four times over the course of about an hour and she seemed nice and sincere. She had to work so we did not really get to say much but she seemed as interested in talking to me as I was in talking to her. When my friends and I where getting ready to leave I approached her one last time I told her I would wanna talk to her when she is not working so I am not intruding on her job. She told me to give her my number and she would call me after she got off work, that was two days ago and I have not heard back. I don’t have a problem with rejection, but I don’t know if this was that. For one why wouldn’t she just lie, say ” I have a Boyfriend” etc… Second, why would she set her self up for some awkward situation when she must know I am going back there eventually. My friend said maybe she just said that to get a nice tip but I say again why tell me something that’s going to get my hopes up when she knows I’ll be back eventually. This is bugging me more than it should, I can’t make sense of it. I’m thinking she lost the number after she had me write it on a order ticket which she than put in her apron pocket it very likely it could have just fell out. I would like to believe she just lost it and had the intention of calling me. Am I kidding myself?

    March 29, 2013 at 12:38 pm #27302

    Hmm, don’t over think a shitty situation. It’s shitty for a reason.

    She did make a conscious decision to hold the reins on this one so you’d be the one tossing and turnign if she doesn’t call.

    If you do regularly go there then regularly go there. Don’t make any extra attempts to grab her attention. If she’s working and sees you there and doesn’t approach you then she’s a coward and was wrong for leading you on.

    I say leave your expectations low and if things change for the better she may be able to explain herself.