A girl that talk to & like but afraid to ask her out


A girl that talk to & like but afraid to ask her out

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    May 23, 2016 at 11:42 pm #101130
    A girl that talk to & like but afraid to ask her out

    Hi Guys

    I’m in a dilemma and need advice. I’m a shy guy most of the time until you talk to me. There is this girl I like that I see at her job when I go in to do my business. She always says Hello. We always talk for a few minutes about how was weekend or something else interesting with occasional laugh before I have to go or someone else comes in. She is nice and I know she is single because I’ve seen her on an online dating site that I’m on. She seems like she is interested. It also could be because I have an account there and she is just being nice. I never was really good at judging that. I also know her friend very well because we graduated together. Plus they work together at different places under the same company. So my dilemma is this. I’m shy but once we start talking I break out of it easily. I’m always worried about if I get I rejected and ever show my face there again if she said no. Plus people are there around us working.

    Continued down below

    May 23, 2016 at 11:44 pm #101131

    I’m always worried about others would think. I’m always around by her job working for a few of my clients. Sometimes we run into each other. Plus messaging her on that dating would raise my anxiety up also because of the above. Plus I think it would make things weird. I’d consider myself a nice, funny, genuine friendly good looking guy. I’m not sure what I should do because I really inexperience, shy and worried about what people think of me. Although that’s usually not true and everyone likes me. I’ve gotten advice from a friend and he said just basically man up (shorten version). One thing is to say that and the other is to do it. For me it’s hard to do that and ask her out. Any advice would be helpful to overcome my daily issue with this girl or my overall shyness when it comes to any girl/asking them out.

    Never really had much success in person because of my shyness and they see it Also in online dating because no one responds to my email. It makes feel like I waste my time.