A very complicated work situation…


A very complicated work situation…

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    January 21, 2017 at 3:30 am #124005
    A very complicated work situation…

    So, I started at a restaurant job as a hostess 4 months ago. In the past months I’ve developed a huge, ugly crush on my Manager. He’s a total player and he knows it. He flirts with most of the young coworkers, but treats me a little differently. I mean he flirts with me as well, but it can turn very platonic and professional in a split second. He’s sending me super weird mixed signals and it’s driving me crazy. The even weirder part of all this is that he almost seems to be hesitant or scared when he talks to me. He told my friend he can’t hang out with us outside of work because i’m a “conflict of interest.” He acted very nervous around me the last time I worked with him. He told me that he goes to work to not feel his feelings “jokingly”, and then, as he was walking away said, “God forbid we catch feelings.” I just don’t know whether i’m looking into this too much just because I like him. I know he’s a player. I know he’s my boss. should I confront him about it?

    January 23, 2017 at 1:16 pm #124131

    you definitely need to state (if anything else so that you can say you did for the record) that you would appreciate if the comments and suggestions stopped, and point blankly let him know you are not interested in him.

    part 2 is the harder part. how important is this job to you? if it’s vitally important, then consider going to the ombudsman or HR to let them know about this and that you have told him explicitly to stop and that you are not interseted in him.

    this is a huge legal issue (aka “sexual harassment in the workplace”) most especially since he has control over your career at this job and company. so if you want to stick around and this job is important to you – youll want everything on the record to protect yourself. (incase say you are mistreated, don’t get raises, get horrible treatment, the worst shifts, or even fired b/c you rejected him…) the law protects YOU on this one since he is your direct mgr.