Agreed to a 3rd date after the 2nd, but has she gone cold?


Agreed to a 3rd date after the 2nd, but has she gone cold?

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    February 9, 2015 at 8:31 am #72892
    Agreed to a 3rd date after the 2nd, but has she gone cold?

    Hi guys,

    Around new year I joined an online dating site for the first time. As I’d been single for a year after being away travelling, I thought I’d give it a go. There was one girl who I got chatting to who lives in the next town over.

    It turns out we both have a lot in common. Anyways after two weeks of chatting online, I asked her out and we went Bowling. Which was a great way to break the ice and later after dinner at the pub we chatted for a few hours more. I could sense we were both nervous. The following week after that first date, we swapped numbers and began chatting that way. This last week on Wednesday we went on a second date, for dinner and then to a new place that opened up locally like a murder mystery/crystal maze live game. Again like the first date I felt we got on well and at the end of the night, as we were walking back some homeless guy interrupted the moment. After he left I asked her if she wanted to go and watch the lion king live in Manchester sometime next week. She said yes and Friday would be good for her (Valentines day is the next day). Within 20 minutes of getting home I got a text from her, thanking me for the night out and that she had a brilliant time. I didn’t reply until Thursday morning and said the same thing and gave her the details of the show time and to arrange the 3rd date/ meet up, I didn’t hear back. So last night (Sunday, 3 days later ) I thought I’d give a call, the first time calling her too, it went to Voicemail, I left her a short message asking how her weekend had gone and to drop us a message when she was free.

    On the first date we were both open about how we had found the website, she had spoken to someone else a few weeks before me and when they swapped numbers, he became needy when she didn’t reply right away. She’s a teacher and obviously cant use her phone in the day and works weekends doing other stuff too. She mentioned on her profile she is normally quite shy and reserved until getting to know someone. At the end of both nights there’s been no kiss or hug, just a slow walk back to the car park, lingering while we chatted. Anyways long story short I like her, but I just have a vibe things have cooled. I’m not a needy guy far from it, If I don’t hear anything this week, should I just cut ties. She’s 25, I’m 28, what do you guys think?

    February 22, 2015 at 3:30 pm #73886

    If I liked someone, I would respond right away (within 2 hours or less). Not replying for days is inexcusable…unless she has lost her phone (which did happen to me once). Do you want to date someone long-term for whom it seems normal to take days to reply? This is not normal behavior, no matter how “busy” she is (takes less than 30 seconds to send a text). Don’t allow this sort of behavior, it’s not okay. Move on and find someone awesome 🙂