Am I being insecure? Controlling?


Am I being insecure? Controlling?

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    January 16, 2014 at 6:26 pm #46058
    Am I being insecure? Controlling?

    I’ve been seeing a girl for almost 5 years and mostly it is a good relationship, however, what I have found out is that when out with the girls, the “single girls” invite guys to ride in the car going from bar to bar. She claims she’s not doing the inviting and would never cheat on me, which I believe. But it just doesn’t feel right to me.

    I’ve told her I’m not comfortable with it, I don’t care and even encourage time with girlfriends, even in bars. But I told her I wasn’t comfortable with the inviting guys along and it isn’t a relationship I would want to continue should she choose that lifestyle. She says that makes me insecure and controlling.

    Seems to me girls going bar to bar aren’t out with the girls, there out looking for something. Am I insecure and controlling?

    January 16, 2014 at 11:20 pm #46059

    dating 5 years? if you are in your late 20s or early 30s or older, I think marriage should be an issue soon, right? Don’t spend 5 years with the wrong person.

    Are you being controlling? A bit…just tell her how it makes you feel.