Apparently, I intimidate men with my looks–it's not as good as it sounds


Apparently, I intimidate men with my looks–it's not as good as it sounds

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    October 23, 2015 at 9:01 pm #87299
    Apparently, I intimidate men with my looks–it's not as good as it sounds

    I’ve had several friends tell me that men may be intimated by me because I’m “really attractive”. I can see evidence of this from experience, but I never really looked at the attention I got from men as being above average until—well my friends said so.
    I get asked out a lot, but can’t seem to get anything beyond that. A lot of guys I’ve been out with end up drinking a lot and then text me again the next day and then repeat. I do talk over text/emails through online dating, but guys seem nervous there too; I invite them out, but it’s hard to have a good time when they barely talk or speak incoherently!
    What can I do to make men feel more comfortable talking to me and make them feel less intimidated? I try to be genuine and inviting when talking to guys, and really just want to get to know them, but their lack of confidence makes conversations difficult. Plus, what’s the deal? I am not perfect! I speak Latin poorly and let dishes pile up sometimes! res est forma fugax!

    October 24, 2015 at 4:12 am #87311

    You sound boastful and mean. I have seen many “absolutely attractive” girls that intimidate guys cause of their looks but what makes men run away is when a hot girl boasts about her hotness(which makes some decide to use u). Men only date girls who make them feel confident and let them be who they are. In your case, you seem like a spoiled little brat who thinks you’re too hot even when you try to pretend that’s not what you’re saying. Of course, I agree you’re hot and apparently scare men away but it’s more of your attitude than your beauty. Out of all those guys you talked to, you’ve never liked any of them? If you liked any of them, you should try making him feel confident around you. You’ve never liked any of them cause you look down on them and feel there’s no one confident enough to face you. Trust me there’re confident guys out there and you’ll meet one if you’re really looking for confidence among men(which is nice). I am sorry if I got you wrong but that’s just my opinion.

    October 24, 2015 at 12:24 pm #87325

    Let me just debunk:
    -You sound boastful and mean (evidence?)
    -“Boast about her hotness”–I don’t, I began this with “my friends” mentioned that I might be intimating men.
    -You seem like a spoiled little brat: I’m a rape survivor and I couldn’t afford groceries last week
    -Your a spoiled brat who thinks she’s too hot: Um, no–I hate looking in the mirror sometimes–just like everyone else. Plus, it’s not a crime for a woman to think she’s beautiful
    -“Out of all the guys you’ve talked to you’ve never liked any of them?”—I never said that, and plus I liked ALL of them–they just kept getting too drunk
    -If you liked any of them, you should try making him feel confident around you”–You did not read my entire post, probably just the title. Because if you did, you would see I ASKED THIS QUESTION. WHAT CAN I DO TO MAKE MEN MORE COMFORTABLE AROUND ME?
    -You’re opinion doesn’t dictate reality