Arrange Marriages – Dating Advice


Arrange Marriages – Dating Advice


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    September 15, 2016 at 4:58 am #111459
    Arrange Marriages – Dating Advice

    My parents are worried that I am still not married and are trying to arrange marriage me.

    So, I am currently speaking to a guy from another country. We have skyped once and I tried emailing him and messaging him over WhatsApp. The Skype session had a lot of pauses and awkward (me trying to start conversations). When emailing/messaging him he never replies or just says “LOL”. He further says that he is an extremely busy person and can not reply to me. I was all well with this and stopped messaging him (feeling like he was not interested). But then he started sending me “hey”s and “whats up”s. When I reply, I get a respond after few hours and it is only one words.

    What is his issue?