Can anyone else relate to this?… (guys or girls)


Can anyone else relate to this?… (guys or girls)

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    May 26, 2015 at 3:23 am #79714
    Can anyone else relate to this?… (guys or girls)

    so I am in my twenties, and while most ppl my age are partying or just having fun and ‘playing the field’, the whole thing of putting myself out there and ‘dating’ really doesn’t appeal a whole lot to me…
    I am straight, and had a couple relationships when I was pretty young (nothing uber serious). I DO like guys and often find them attractive, but I guess the whole ‘work’ or effort of making myself go out there just seems kind of exhausting to me… I enjoy being social and hanging out with friends (and most of my friends are and have always been guys), I just can’t get myself ‘psyched up’ for anything more than that.
    My life is going really great professionally (I have my dream job I always wanted), but the idea of investing myself in another person just doesn’t sound that appealing to me… ( I LOVE my friends, and those relationships, I just am not looking for the ‘responsibility’ of a romantic one right now…)
    Is that weird? & Can anyone else out there my age relate to this?

    May 27, 2015 at 8:41 pm #79803

    I am a male in high school, and I can totally relate to this. I relate to everything you have said; sometimes it just seems like a lot of work to put yourself out there. I try and be content with being thought of as attractive, as it gives me confidence and some of the good feelings that come with having a partner, but without the work.