Can this be a coincident?


Can this be a coincident?

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    April 1, 2018 at 2:02 am #169239
    Can this be a coincident?

    I used to hang out at a smoothie shop and once saw a women I was very attracted to come to get drinks. The third time I saw her I aggressive approached her and asked her her name then asked for her phone #. She said no but then said I could come visit her at the place she worked. I did not go to her place of work but she came back to my hangout(smoothie shop) and I approached again, grabbed her hand, and asked for her number. She was visibly flattered/taken by my boldness but refused to give her number. This pattern which included hugs, continued for over a year with push pull games being played by both of us. I finally ignored her after it seemed like she was never going to commit. I found out that she left her place of work and moved away after recently graduating from college. Eight months had passed I thought about her often. A couple days ago I went into the smoothie shop and saw what looked like “her” behind the counter being trained. I couldn’t believe it

    April 1, 2018 at 2:10 am #169240

    I questioned what my eyes saw and decided I would go by there the next morning to make sure I was not hallucinating. Sure enough it was her. Evidently this gal came back in town(city) and decided to get a lower paying job at my particular hangout where there were lots of game/drama between us. She could of chosen a 1000 places to work and for higher pay. What the hell is going on?
    When I went up to the counter and said hi she turned and gave me an intense stare for what seemed like eternity(5-10 seconds), no smile then said “do you still come here?”