Cell Phones and Dating – Readers Poll


Cell Phones and Dating – Readers Poll

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    March 23, 2013 at 7:28 pm #26748
    Cell Phones and Dating – Readers Poll

    I was reading an article today about how more people in the world have cell phones than have access to toilets and it got me to thinking about the pros and cons of cell phones as they relate to dating. As for the pros, I’m sure most of us wouldn’t have much trouble thinking up some great advantages to having a cell phone on a date. For example when I was living in Tokyo back in the pre cell phone days I can’t even count the number of times I went to meet a date at a very crowded public place and wasn’t able to find her. Usually this would be because, either she got the meeting place or the date mixed up, had some emergency, or was actually not that far away from me but we simply couldn’t find each other in the crowd. Then I would have to decide whether or not to leave my spot and chance missing her in order to find a payphone and call her house. But of course if she had already left her house that would do no good anyway. So I think we can all agree that cell phones can be a real lifesaver on a date, especially in places like New York City or Tokyo, and especially in the dead of winter when you’re freezing your ass off outdoors waiting for someone.
    But what about the downside of cell phones, namely, people becoming addicted to constantly having to be connected to everyone all the time. This can definitely lead to problems, particularly when your date somehow thinks it’s acceptable behavior to yap it up on her cell phone when she’s supposed to be focusing her attention on you. Personally I always turn my own cell phone off during a date because to take a call during a date, quite frankly, would be rude and inconsiderate. In fact, if I’m on a first date with a girl and she answers her phone and says anything beyond “hey, I can’t talk right now, I’m on a date” then she definitely won’t be getting ask out on second date – I wouldn’t even have to think about it. After all there’s no law the say’s you MUST answer your phone every time it rings. Of course if a friend comes up to you while you’re on a date then of course you have to talk to them for a while and I wouldn’t mind that at all. In fact if my date ran into some of her friends while at a restaurant on a date with me I might even ask them to join us – the more the merrier after all. But taking a phone call on a date is another thing entirely. And texting on a date is probably even worse than taking a phone call, if for no other reason then simply for the absurd impracticality of it. Texting is basically the modern electronic equivalent of passing notes in class, and isn’t that a rather juvenile activity for grown adults to be engaging in – or anybody past jr. high school age for that matter. Whenever I see people texting while driving or while walking down the street all I can think is that 100,000 years ago natural selection would have weeded these peoples DNA right out of the gene pool. Of course these days, unfortunately, natural selection no longer comes into play and it’s the stupid people who are actually breeding the fastest. And its not even that insisting on being able to communicate with the world while driving is particularly stupid. Its that when you have a choice to do it in a much simpler, faster, and infinitely less dangerous way, for example a phone call, you still choose to use the more primitive, less efficient, and much more dangerous way to do it (texting). If that’s not stupid then I honestly don’t know what is. Don’t get me wrong, there’s nothing wrong with keeping up with current fads and trends. After all, I always have. But even when I was a stupid teenager I would refuse to go along with fads that I thought were totally stupid. And if I had to pick the 3 top stupidest fads of the last 20 years it would be texting, the monstrously large SUV fad, and the wearing your pants halfway down around your ass fad. Of course texting does have some practical applications. For example to send and address to someone or to get some vital data to someone who is in a business meeting and therefore cannot talk on the phone. Or maybe even to send your husband or wife a grocery list or just to let them know you are thinking about them. It was never meant to be used for continuous back and forth dialogue though, as this can be much more easily done through voice conversation.
    Anyway in today’s poll I am asking you all to tell me whether or not you think taking phone calls or texting on a date is acceptable to you or not. So the 20 or so of you who are actually reading this please dust off your keyboards and reply. And for those of you who forgot, your keyboard is that rectangular plastic thing with all the lettered button on it. It’s most likely hiding on a slide out try under your desk.
    By the way, I’d like to hear from the ladies as well as from the men.

    March 25, 2013 at 4:49 pm #26804

    Okay, I officially give up. Trying to elicit a dialogue on here is like trying to steal meat from a bear. In fact I’m beginning to think this site is the online equivalent of a ghost town (Noopinionville) and what few people remain here are hiding behind boarded up windows and doors waiting for the occasional scrap of food to blow by (reader’s questions). And if so, most of them probably also think that I’ve been hogging all the food lately, leaving them precious few scraps to gnaw on, which is probably true (sorry about that). In any case it’s fairly obvious that I need to find a site which gets more traffic.

    March 26, 2013 at 4:19 pm #26942

    As just a little 20 year old I can’t stand how much the people around me use their phones. It’s ridiculous hanging out in a friends room and everyones texting someone else rather than having a conversation. With girls I’ve had to except that they’re going to be texting while on dates and what not, but what I can’t stand is when I’m talking to them and mid-sentence their phone goes of at which point they stop listening, look down and read the message then reply to it. That’s about the time I pull out my phone and start using it to entertain myself until the dates over.