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Community College Class


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    September 12, 2016 at 11:53 am #111042
    Community College Class

    So I am taking this class in my 2 year college. There is this really pretty girl that is in my class, and throughout the first week I could not find a way to sit down next to her. Now finally I am sitting next to her and I only talked to her a few times vaguely about the class. I assumed she is somewhat interested because of I was reading something on the internet called “Mirroring” where the girl mirrors what the guy does but this doesn’t help my confidence. Like I do not know what to say to her or ask her or how to ask for her snapchat or phone number. Or even try and talk about something un-related to class. And it does not help that we sit in the front and the professor keeps talking non-stop so I barely have time in class to talk.

    Any advice is much appreciated! Thanks