Confirming a date with my crush? When and what to say


Confirming a date with my crush? When and what to say

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    February 17, 2017 at 1:42 pm #127486
    Confirming a date with my crush? When and what to say

    Last Sunday, I made plans for a date with this girl I really like. We made the plans for Saturday night. Dinner and drinks after. As far as the specific time, she said we will see, but she said straight up “Saturday it is”.
    Over the course of this week, we have had some contact via facebook messenger, but nothing too deep. I have tried to keep my distance the past couple of days so I don’t come off as desperate. I am head over heels about this girl and so I am making an effort to keep it cool.

    My question is – since I made the date plans with her last Sunday, we didn’t discuss it during the course of this week. Thus, SHOULD I SEND HER A CONFIRMATION TEXT MESSAGE about tomorrow night? If so, what do I say? Others online say to get confirmation the day before and then set the time 4-5 hours before. I’m not sure what is best. Any thoughts on what I should say and when to text her?

    All opinions are welcome. Thanks!

    February 17, 2017 at 8:05 pm #127521

    yeah so.. my guess is your date won’t go this weekend b/c it’s a bit late (but then again.. you tell me. what do you know about the girl? what kind of personality is she? is she spontaneous or traditional or planned? structured? you’ve been talking to her and learning about her right?)

    In general, most people will have wanted to confirm it beforeheand and know you’re still in (and they’re still in). Not talking about it for a week and not confirming it runs the risk of “something else” coming up and thus taking it b/c there was no confirmation with you. see? so.. assume there is no date this weekend. if there is, surprise bonus!

    my approach to it would be to text asap or call (better) and say, “looking forward to tomorrow at 5pm.. let’s meet at…” (and then give specific place you have decided you want to take her. remember, an open “do you wnat to go out” is weak and doesn’t work. “why don’t you join me.. i found this great show i’m going to – you’d like it” is stronger.