Confused on what to do next


Confused on what to do next

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    July 9, 2016 at 2:56 pm #104796
    Confused on what to do next

    I started talking to this girl and we completely hit it off. We spent hours texting one another every night and started hanging out. She made me very happy and was very open with me. She would send me texts about how I made her happy, how she missed seeing my face, and how she would light up with joy when she saw me. She started talking about doing stuff with me a few months in advance, talked about how she would stop drinking for me (which I thought was absurd), talked about how she talked about me with her family and friends. I was taken aback with how quickly everything progressed and everything just fit so well.

    She did warn me that she was complicated. And she did warn me that she had kind of given up on dating. I was fine with her being complicated and was happy to hear that we found one another after she had given up on the whole process of ever meeting someone. Also, she warned me about how she was a runner. In spite of all this, I happily pursued her, and then…

    July 9, 2016 at 3:06 pm #104797


    We started talking about deal breakers, and I passed everything with flying colors. She did have an issue with PDA, which I like. But she told me that she could work on that.Fast forward a couple of dates (or so I thought they were) and she has an issue with me bringing up PDA.

    She then flips and starts talking about how she doesn’t see the possibility of us working while possibly working together (which might happen) and how she doesn’t want for me to get too emotionally involved and for me to get letdown. Then she says that we’re just friends and not dating. How in the hell do you explain everything else if we’re just friends? I don’t spend weekends with my friends or all night on the phone with them or tell them I miss seeing their face or other crap like that. Anyways, now she doesn’t text me or when we see one another it’s awkward. We talked about talking in person to clear the air, which hasn’t happened.

    Should I move on or stay pursuing her? What is she thinkin