Could you provide me with some insight?


Could you provide me with some insight?

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    May 3, 2018 at 11:48 pm #172153
    Could you provide me with some insight?

    He was very interested from the very beginning; however, I was a little bit hesitant due to our different communication styles. We had a hard time understanding each other. He is a black and white kind of personality, straightforward in what he thinks and also traditional, which was not something that I am used to, so I wasn’t certain how compatible we would be if we ever got into a relationship. During our getting to know each, he said that I am picky with men and how I should open my horizons and be more open to different kinds of men and not just men I am interested in. I don’t know why he said that as I do not think like that and I never said that in our conversations. I tried to explain to him that that is not the way it is, but he wouldn’t listen and he continued to say that. Now, he says that he doesn’t want to pursue anything because we come from opposing cultures, I should be with a guy from my culture cause he doesn’t want to impose his culture on someone who has own customs.

    May 4, 2018 at 6:32 am #172155

    The whole “doesn’t want to pursue anything due to opposing cultures” sounds like an excuse to stop for him to stop talking to you. You said he was interested in the beginning but now things have changed a bit, maybe he’s realised that he doesn’t think it’ll work? You said he’s quite a straightforward person though, so I don’t know. It wouldn’t make sense for a straightforward person to use excuses. I’m sure he’d just say how he feels outright. Maybe try talking to him about it. Talk to him about the opposing cultures and let him know that isn’t an issue for you (if it isn’t) and ask if he’s still interested in dating at all? That’s the only way to know what’s going on really