dating advice for women who are online dating (my epxperience)


dating advice for women who are online dating (my epxperience)

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    January 11, 2013 at 2:41 pm #20456
    dating advice for women who are online dating (my epxperience)

    I started using a dating site a year ago and at first it was a lot of fun seeing all the matches to my profile but i ignored it for a good 5 months and went back to it to find i had a ton of emails and messages from men.

    I want to just overall advise you women/girls to be careful. I went on a date with someone who seemed attractive, had good grammar, had a job, and had things going for him but it wasn’t the best idea to meet at a bar. I thought if we just met up there and made it more casual it would make it less serious, and it was. However the guy I expected to meet with was at least 2 inches shorter, had automatically gained 20 lbs over his profile picture and said he had just started a new job 20 miles north of where he said he was from.

    Basically saying don’t expect what you see online. the guy i met was not who i was chatting with.

    January 16, 2013 at 9:37 am #20756

    I had similar experience first off a guy i met on dating website , i met him at a mall food court and when I first saw him I was horrified ! Only becuz I expected to see the guy I saw on his pics .. He was 20 pounds heavier .. Nothing wrong with that but his face look like nothing those online pics looks as it were 20 yrs older , The looks didn’t bother me . What bothered me was he put up pics from his college days and to be mislead and not show his recent pics is deceit and that’s a red flag .. If your not confidence enough to put your own very recent pics then your only going to get hurt at the end when that person sees you and felt deceived he or she will run , so be yourself post recent pics be honest because in the long run you won’t get hurt or feel rejected . Your date will meet you in person at some point might as well be honest with pics .