Dating after divorce- advice needed


Dating after divorce- advice needed

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    September 6, 2017 at 9:53 am #148274
    Dating after divorce- advice needed

    I recently met a man about a month ago online. We INSTANTLY hit it off!! We met two days later and we’re completely enamored with eachother. We hung it again within two days and had an amazing time! We both agreed how weird it was that we had just met but liked eachother SO much already. Weeks go by and it’s amazing! He POURS his heart out about how he feels about me (we’ve already slept together) and that he talks to me about his roomates because he’s apprehensive about a relationship. WERE BOTH DIVORCED! We got to a party and having a great time. We have a moment and he tells me he loves me. He said it just slipped out and that he felt comfortable saying it to me! The night goes on, more drinking continues, and he starts being an asshole saying he’s going to leave me there. I reply “if you leave, I’ll stay and sleep with someone else”. He freaks out because his ex cheated, we make up, we stay, go to his house to go to sleep. Everything’s fine! The following days, he never initiated

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    contactDays later I ask what’s up- He said that me saying that to him, brought him back to a dark place that he doesn’t want to go to again. That he likes me a lot but this is why he doesn’t want to be with anyone right now. That he likes his freedom and to come and go as he pleases. That he loves spending time with me, but doesn’t want me to eventually want something more and he couldn’t deliver because he doesn’t know when he could. I tell him I understand, apologize profusely and say I’d still like to hang out. He calls me the next night and we do. We talk back and forth but now I haven’t heard from him for 2 days.

    I KNOW he’s extremely busy with the sale of his old house he owned with his ex, they close this week and there’s a ton to do.

    Is this typical guy behavior for a man that’s been hurt before? He’s head over heels for me, tells me he loves me, then freaks and goes back in his cave?
    What can I do? im falling for him, he knows it