deja vu?!


deja vu?!

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    November 22, 2017 at 1:26 pm #157228
    deja vu?!

    OK well without going too far back here goes.

    there was this girl I was in the process of talking too. I actually got her # by way of my mom. in October of 2015. we texted and talked on the phone but nothing came to fruition due to me talking to another girl like a week previous to meeting her and me and that girl got serious. me and this girl that gave me her number by way of my mom chatted til about may of 2016 and just suddenly lost contact.

    fast forward to October of this year my mom sees this girl again. they catch up. not one mention of me but she gives my mom her new #. mom sees her again some weeks later about a month to be exact and decides to say tell me she said hi this time. I have my thoughts on this and I will hit her up but would like input before i particular a females POV seeing how you have a female psyche all comments wanted and appreciated though. thanks.

    November 22, 2017 at 2:22 pm #157236

    Hi I’m female and from my perspective it sounds like she’s interested. The ‘tell him I said Hi ‘ means she wants you to know that she’s thinking about you and the fact that she gave your mum (I’m British btw) her new number I would say that it’s in hope that you message her.

    To be honest it sounds like you have nothing to lose? worst case scenario you message her and she doesn’t reply? You won’t know unless you do it and if you wait any longer on something that could potentially be great then what are you waiting for!?

    Good luck, send her a message!