Did I turn Mike T gay or had he always been gay?


Did I turn Mike T gay or had he always been gay?

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    June 2, 2017 at 8:35 pm #138365
    Did I turn Mike T gay or had he always been gay?

    Hello Ladies, I’m Candi13 and I have a semiquick question. I began to date this guys I met online POF and we got it off great, weeks go by and his roommate Tony wanted him out for not paying his part of rent only because he was staying over with me. So he gets kicked out and moved in… All this taking place over a 6 months timeframe. I began to notice the real Mike and he began to be abusive and disrespectful, so me being the woman I am, i began to do the same. Anyhow after a year we married btw biggest mistake of my fucking lifehahaha so during marriage my drinking got worse and out disrespect for one another worsen. So know 10 months later on one of my drinking days, we start to argue and well he caused a couple of bruises, spit in my face and called me every name in the book in front of my oldest daughter, anyhow I told him to get out and I want a divorce. Nearly stabbing him in the back btw thank God my daughter stops me. So he leaves and I sober up and try to fix our marriage,

    June 2, 2017 at 8:44 pm #138366

    I try for a year and only me doing all the effort and fdrivibg nearly an hour to see him and being faithful etc. Only to be lkex to for a year of wasted time. So during all them lies I searched for answers to why he wasn’t trying so hard…i mean he did the I love you only b’s and dinners etc. But I knew something wasn’t right with Mike T…. So come to find out he was doing threesomes and offering free oral sex on Craigslist and OK LADIES HERE IS THE PUNCHLINE! HE WAS EVEN EMAILING MEN AND SENDING NASTY PICS TO EACH OTHER LOL YUCK RIGHT, SO QUICKLY I’M OVER HIM AND RUSH TO MY GYNECOLOGIST TO HAVE HIM CHECK ME FOR ANY AND EVERY STDS OUT THERE HIV EVERYTHING…ANYHOW SO MY QUESTION IS DID I TURN HIM HAT CAYSE I WON’T LIE IN A CONTROLLING WOMAN. OR WAS HE ALREADY GAY AND WAS UNDERCOVER? NOT THAT I CARE ABOUT HIM BUT DAMN DID I TURN HIM GAY? LOL I MEAN THAT WOULD EXPLAIN ALL THE PUT UE FINGER IN MY ADS BS HE WOULD SAY TO ME, AND HOW HE WORE HIS PANTS UP HIS ASS ETC..

    June 3, 2017 at 12:35 am #138369

    You cant turn a person gay, a person is was frighten to come out so he used alcohol to suppress the feelings so my guess is that he was gay after birth. Don’t ever think you are a bad person, my suggestion is go in front of a mirror and state your name and say I am a beautiful lady who is going to get the man of your dreams, you should say to yourself I have tons of frogs before I kiss my prince. Never be negative to yourself, it will bring you down.