Did she just lose interest in an instant?


Did she just lose interest in an instant?

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    May 15, 2018 at 9:06 pm #174299
    Did she just lose interest in an instant?

    So I met this girl last week and from the start we seemed to have good vibes between us. It was easy to talk to her and the conversation was flowing naturally. So we were texting and I asked her a question to which she replied I’ll tell you when I see you. I took it as a hint that she wantwd to meet up. So asked her when am I seeing her and she replied to text her whenever I’m free. So a few days later I text her asking her which day is better for her. She replied fast giving me her availability, and I mentioned we go get ice cream because thats what she had suggested when she told me to text her. It took more time to reply this time, like 25 mins and she replied that she’ll let me know on the day we’re supposed to meet cause she’s a little sick now. I’m wondering why she didn’t tell me she was sick when I asked her what day she was available. So I replied telling her to feel better and she replied an hour later saying thanks. Do you think she just lost interest like that?

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    Can she get sick?

    May 21, 2018 at 12:51 am #174666

    As far as her being sick, who knows. Can’t really say one way or another. However, I will say this. If someone “loses interest in an instant,” it means they never had any interest to begin with. I promise you that no one on God’s green Earth loses interest that quickly. Sometimes people fail to be direct, which causes problems, as you can see. I’ll give her the benefit of a doubt though. However, if she starts getting flaky and does it again, drop her because it means she’s only going to waste your time. Take it from someone who knows.