Do guys ever come around?


Do guys ever come around?

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    June 16, 2015 at 2:29 pm #81113
    Do guys ever come around?

    I used to date a guy that I thought was the one until one day he broke up with me out of the blue & only said he was afraid that down the line we would come apart because we didn’t have everything in common. He stayed single for a few months after that & then got with a girl that he used to talk to. They eventually broke up and since then, I see him basically once a month out with mutual friends. He has told me recently that he was scared and not ready for the relationship we had because he had never seen a successful relationship but told his friends that our relationship was “it for him”. Well a year later, I can’t quit thinking about him. I know he is struggling between whats best for both of us. When we see each other he is always so protective of me & has wonderful manners & everything is just like it was before we broke up. I see love in his eyes but I know he has been deeply hurt. I seriously miss him & would love to get back with him but do guys like this ever come around?

    June 16, 2015 at 9:44 pm #81152

    Hopefully he will come around. Often it takes time to get past a certain situation/past issues and sometimes it takes the love and patience of others to help this individual. Maybe write him a handwritten note/letter telling him what you love about him, how he is special, etc. (sort of like a dear future husband letter-google this phrase and you get all sorts of examples.). If nothing else be a friend he can always trust and come to. Hopefully this helps. Wishing you the best.