Do I go for him?


Do I go for him?

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    March 1, 2013 at 2:09 am #24270
    Do I go for him?

    I’m stuck and I just want to get a word or two of advice no matter what it is. I know that I can’t relay every single piece of information onto this thread but I’m going to explain what I can. I really like this guy and I don’t want to screw this up. Fuck this “go with your gut” stuff. It rarely works. I want advice.

    A few months ago I met a guy through a mutual friend. I knew OF him, but I never knew him personally so it was new. The first time we met, I learned that he was and still is in my human biology class. Now, we’re talking about a big, freshman class of 100 students so I didn’t know. Through that class we started becoming fairly close friends and began going out to grab coffee or lunch together, sometimes with another accompanying friend. Texting was a fairly regular source of communication between us and we rarely ever called each other. In fact, I’ve never called him before and he’s only called me concerning school work.

    I have found him attractive but I’m confused as to what he thinks of me. I don’t know if the reason behind him calling me out on lunch and dinner appointments is because he is interested in me as a friend or as something more. I don’t want to flatter myself and go ahead and think that it’s because he’s interested! I, myself, am not exactly the best person at expressing my feelings. I actually tend to detach myself from the men that I like and attach myself to guys that I see strictly as friends.

    One thing that really throws me off is his ex-girlfriend. She goes to the same college and being friends with the rest of the group, I see her often. I believe their breakup was a fairly clean one that was mutual. They still talk to one another and have a friendly relationship. Sometimes, when I’m around him, he gives her more attention than I would like him to (I’m not in a position to feel this way but I can’t help it!) because it’s natural to feel a little bit of jealousy. It’s not a burning rage where I want to completely rid my life of the girl; it’s just a slight uncomfortable feeling. I have no idea where they stand with each other. All I know is that they aren’t going out with each other any longer.

    Feel free to ask questions! I’m happy to answer as long as I can get some kind of male feedback as to what he has in mind or whether or not I should continue to harbor my feelings for him.

    March 5, 2013 at 11:02 am #24554

    Honestly its hard to determine his motives. Maybe he is shy and not sure if you like him, or maybe he does see you as a friend. Why not ask him out? That is not uncommon these days, or maybe just tell him you would like to be more than friends and see what he says. Life is too short. Either way you will find out what he thinks. Take the risk and see what happens, if hes not into you then well I am sure the right one is out there for you