Do I have a chance here ?


Do I have a chance here ?

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    March 18, 2018 at 12:41 pm #167655
    Do I have a chance here ?

    I met this girl through an app. We interacted briefly on phone for a week before we met on a date. We really hit it off well and ended up spending 4 hours chatting and decided that we will talk more and meet again. Clearly, she liked me and that showed in her body language

    She works odd shifts due to her medical profession. However, it’s been a week since we met but have barely spoken and when we did she said she did not want to be committing to something soon- I do not want to commit either, but I feel if you like someone you need to put in effort to know if they are worth pursuing a commitment. Should I just wait for her to contact me or continue to text her and wait for her responses which are a bit cold and 12 hours delayed

    I really like this girl and feel there’s potential for us but I’m confused what she wants

    Please suggest what’s I can do

    March 19, 2018 at 8:55 am #167662

    Hey, man!
    The best thing you can do is wait for her to give a sign. This way you can see if she has any interest for you, as well. OR you can try to text her a week later to see how she would react. But don’t text her anything boring like “hey, how are you?”. Try something that draws her attention immediately (it can be something from the news, a medical pun, something about your first date, something flirty etc). Never get your hopes up when it comes to girls; she even mentioned she doesn’t want to commit to something right now. Sometimes, patience is a virtue.
    Meanwhile, try and date other girls; there is plenty of fish in the sea, my brother.
    Hope this helps.