Does she like me, do I have a chance?


Does she like me, do I have a chance?

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    October 2, 2016 at 12:49 pm #112936
    Does she like me, do I have a chance?

    Gonna try to keep short+ provide enough details.
    Background: I met a girl at a waterpark where we worked over the summer, she’s a foreign exchange from Eastern Europe, she’s 21 I’m 17.
    She seemed really interested like all the tell-tale signs but I was always iffy, I wanted to make sure that it wasn’t just part of her culture. I’m going to break down this into sections: The Good(signs she likes me I guess) The bad, and the other stuff, signs that idk what they mean/ maybe didn’t happen(observer bias)
    -She reached out to me first, she always started the convos in the beginning.
    -early summer I was flirting with this other girl just doing funny things to get her laugh, this made the girl I’m into now burst out laughing, she was across the room
    -when we 1st worked like close to each other she would always bump into me, sometimes she’d apologize sometimes we brushed it off
    – that same day she also touched my forearm when I told a joke, this was July 4th.

    October 2, 2016 at 12:58 pm #112937

    -She genuinely smiles when she sees me, interrupts convos/ side tracks me from official work business
    -we were talking about the local mountains (we worked in the ADK park in NYS) she told me her friends had said good things
    I told her I go hiking up them a lot, she asked me if I would take her sometime, I said yes and she responded with an enthused/shocked “Really?!”
    -She liked to watch me struggle with Russian words, it’s still apart of our friendship today
    -I held her hand a lot when helping her up mtn, she had me give her a piggy back ride for a picture (she made other ppl take the picture For us)
    (I’m going way to detailed I’m gonna generalize some more)
    – she touches me a lot, grabs my arms, pinches my waist, steps on my shoes, I reciprocate the playful behavior
    -When we are talking she stares at me, makes me almost uncomfortable
    -She used my shoulder as a pillow in a cab in NYC
    She was okay with me seeing her in bra and underwear

    October 2, 2016 at 4:42 pm #112948

    She was okay with you seeing her in bra and underwear?, that is one thing that kind of makes me think…
    As a girl, changing in front of a guy either goes one of two ways; 1) I don’t care if he sees me because he’s just a friend/a harmless or innocent guy I don’t care too much about seeing me almost nude. Or 2) let me almost strip in front of this sweet guy I really like to turn him on and pretend I don’t care so it’s not too serious (she’ll look and glance at you to make sure you see what she wants you to see). If you can say for certain she WANTED you to see her almost nude versus she was just OKAY with it then obviously she likes you.
    In my opinion, I think she is just having some fun while she is here. So, I think she likes you! but don’t make any sudden moves because I think it could go any way with this girl who is 21 and is probably more concerned with trying to fun plans this weekend while she’s in the states.

    October 3, 2016 at 9:14 am #112938

    -I think she may have caught me checking her out, she smiled at me, I was staying at international housing at work, I slept in the living room(she didn’t want me to fall asleep on my way home)
    – she likes all of my posts on FB, she doesn’t do this to everyone I’ve noticed
    – She found out I liked her from co-worker (although she might’ve known Sooner from my signs)
    – on last day of work she would like stand on my shoes and hold me down trying to stamp my hand or my face or put ice down my shirt which I did to her.
    -our various managers gave me several lectures about spending time with her, some would ask if I wanted to have the same lunch time as her, another told me “I know how you feel, my boyfriend works in the games dep. it’s hard not to spend every second talking to him but we have a job to do”

    There are some other things but now let me talk about some bad:
    -we wrote going away cards (there are 3 in our friend “group” we went to niagara togeter)…continued

    October 3, 2016 at 9:14 am #112939

    She addressed my card “Your friend, X”
    I had our mutual friend (also a foreigner except from Asia) ask her what she thought of me
    She asked what we were (not the question I wanted her to ask) and the girl responded we are just friends.
    I have a bombshell at the end of this entire series of posts which is the main bad but now on to the ones I’m not sure about.

    There was this foreign guy from the middle-east I believe she likes him, she’s the only other guy who she’s posted a picture of online. She’s posted I think 4-5 with me and 1-2 with him, we were hanging out and we ran into him, she flirted in the same way she does with him, he looked at my and said something along the lines of “This girl is wild” and smiled at me, he left to do something else.
    These next two maybe observer bias: When I looked into her eyes I think I saw her pupils dialate, when I asked if our mutual friend worked today she asked why I wanted to know, and wondered what I had to say to her.. cont almost don

    October 3, 2016 at 9:16 am #112941

    Okay at end of summer she had to go back to her country, she asked if I would go with her and her friend to NYC, it being the last time I could see her I of course agreed. The night that we had flirted a lot at work her and our mutual foreign friend were talking about me and me liking her, the next day when I went to pick the girl I like and her best friend up, our mutual friend said she had good news for me. She told me that the girl would consider dating me if I was older/ when I’m older (big source of confusion for me) cause our mutual friend says that I’m not old enough right now but she says I should wait for her, try when I’m older (the gap in age won’t change so this confuses me). I never ended up making my move, we went to NYC, 3 of us shared a queen sized bed, the girl I like was in the middle, she said I could get closer and I didn’t have to sleep so far away (I wanted to respect her boundaries)
    One last post after this one. Should be short

    October 3, 2016 at 9:16 am #112943

    I made her angry on the trip once, she got mad that I wouldn’t ask for help, and that I had gotten us lost, she wanted to get broadway tickets, we got them in time she just worries (she’s not the sharpest crayon in the box when it comes to common sense. She did little things that got under my skin, when we were in the cab my eyes teared up, nothing too major but she noticed when we got out she wanted to know what was upsetting me, I played it off kinda but she said she was really really sorry for acting like a bitch and that she should be happy for all I had done for her.
    Well now she’s in Miami, decided not to return to her home country, dropped out of college In her last year, with all this impulsive decision making I decided to tell her how I felt two weeks ago over fb, I basically told her that I liked her and she was the most amazing girl in the world. She said that she was speechless, she also said it meant a lot, said she already knew bcuz it was obvious (cont sorry)

    October 3, 2016 at 9:16 am #112945

    She said that I’m a very very good friend and that we can still talk and even meet up because she is living in Miami now. I told her she was a very good friend too and left it. I decided to let her reach out to me, that was two weeks ago, she commented on a pic of me in kindergarten saying “Cute ^_^” and then just ^_^ on another photo I had posted of nature. Last night she messaged me (she messages in chunks so just imagine each comma as a new message.) “Hey, Privet!(hello in Russian), a fb sticker of a panda, What’s up, How r u?” So my plan to get her to msg me first worked. I have small things to add that I forgot
    The night before NYC she asked me to get something for her I said I would and that I would talk to her later she responded with “Ok thx baby” put me in a good mood thought it might be good.
    Should I continue trying with this girl, I really do like her, she’s out of my league but it has t stopped me yet. I might see her this spring or winter, do I have any chances?

    October 3, 2016 at 3:55 pm #113083

    Basic rule: if you don’t step up to the plate, you will never hit a home run.

    Sometimes, you strikeout and sometimes you get on first, or second, and so forth.

    You have to be in it to win it. So, what I’m saying is the next time that you do see her, ask her out and make your intentions known. Tell her that you’re really into her and want to go out with her as more than a friend.

    Man, I cannot tell people this enough….be confident, cause there ain’t no league. On any given day, with enough confidence, you can walk up to fifty of the most beautiful women on earth and ask them out. Guaranteed that you can get at least one yes.

    October 3, 2016 at 5:42 pm #113115
    Reply To: Does she like me, do I have a chance?

    You’re too young dude 🙂 don’t look for love until you’re at least 21