Does she like me or am I wasting my time? Need advice!


Does she like me or am I wasting my time? Need advice!

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    June 12, 2013 at 5:38 am #33242
    Does she like me or am I wasting my time? Need advice!

    This is a long story :I have been on 2 dates with a gym instructor at my gym. They both went really well – there was a total vibe and a lot of touching,looks etc. The first date was on a Friday night for coffee and we were there for two and a half hours. When we parted we hugged and she held my hands and i suggested we get together sometime soon. She suggested a movie and when I saw her at the gym the following week – on a Friday she said she was seeing a movie the following day and invited me along. It was successful although no hand holding or anything and we looked in some bookstores afterwards, when we said goodbye she said to let her know if I wanted to see a movie or suggest something else in a couple of weeks. I will mention here that she is 20 years older than me and has 5 kids!!! I didnt’ find out about the kids until the first time we met. Also she was married but her husband died. So she is totally heterosexual and has probably never been with another woman before. The following week i saw her a few times and she was really friendly and was giving me hugs etc but I was totally freaked out because she came(as a participant) to a yoga class i do every week but she never goes to and after the class finished she introduced me to her son! WTF. The following week she came to the yoga class again and this time introduced me to her daughter. A couple of days later I spoke to her and said I was busy ( i wasn’t and i don’t know why I said it. i was feeling confused) but did she want to do something the following weekend, she said okay. But I texted her a couple of hrs later saying my friend had cancelled saturday night and did she want to catch up? She didnt’ reply until hours later- after 10pm saying she was going to dinner and a movie. thank you. It’s now two weeks later and she hasn’t been very friendly , no hugs or looks or anything. I saw her yesterday and asked if she is interested in going to see an exhibition. She said she can’t do this weekend but can next weekend. So she wasn’t exactly enthusiastic. We also haven’t set a date and i know it’s going to have to be me once again who has to confirm it. I dont’ know what to do. This is killing me. I dont’ know why she was so keen and now she’s being cold. I haven’t done anything wrong and I need some advice! I know I should drop it and move on but I’ve invested a lot of time and energy on her – there was MONTHS of flirting before i even asked her out and I want to at least ask her what her thoughts are about us. I will also add that people don’t usually know i’m gay unless i tell them as I’m very feminine looking but surely she knows …

    October 3, 2014 at 9:02 am #65242

    Hey i am going through the same thing as you! My crush is also 20 years older, has always been heterosexual and has kids. She also seemed into be and is now ignoring me and i don’t know what i did either. I wonder if its confusion as they have never been in a lesbian relationship? Or because they are older than us?

    December 27, 2014 at 2:04 am #69640

    My ex was 14yrs older than me, she was married and had two miscarriage twice. Her husband wanted another attempt but she was afraid and refuse to try. We met at work, got along quite well talked pretty much about anything and even up to stage where she would start telling me how she feels nothing for her husband and refuse having sex with him. Not long after I feel that she had a thing for me and kinda started flirting. We went out for a yr it was very good experience being with someone older, she was very caring and so forth. Lets cut to the chase, we broke up coz at the end of day she haf no more passion in the relationship and felt the feeling of being loved and cared. So juz from my perspective and experience, think twice before going after her..

    (1) The chances of someone straight to go 100% gay? There is the chance but rare,
    (2) Religon can be a real bad gateway (for she and I at least)…if you happen to be the same, then you’ve gotta be extra careful.

    All the best