ESCAPED FRIEND ZONE AFTER 7 YEARS, whats my next move?


ESCAPED FRIEND ZONE AFTER 7 YEARS, whats my next move?

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    August 23, 2015 at 10:46 pm #84604
    ESCAPED FRIEND ZONE AFTER 7 YEARS, whats my next move?

    I’ve been crazy about this girl for a long time but never thought anything would happen because I thought she only liked me as a friend. We’d been hanging out a lot this summer and I thought she was starting to like me. She was over to my house last night and we were drinking and she got very touchy-feely with me. We sat on the couch and she laid down and used my lap as a pillow and held my hand and she just fell asleep as I sat there in complete awe and happiness. Unfortunately she started to get sick because she had been drinking on an empty stomach so nothing more happened besides more cuddling that night and this morning when she was feeling a bit better. We didnt discuss what this means for us and I didnt want to ask in case I managed to say something stupid. I gave her a long hug goodbye this morning because I left for college today. Im an hour away. I dont know what I should do but I desperately want a relationship with her. HALP.

    August 25, 2015 at 8:20 am #84631

    An hour away isn’t too terrible. As someone who just escaped the eight year friendzone I understand your urgency. I think this is probably something you should talk to her about in person. In my experience girls have this weird habit of not stating there true intentions over the phone. I also think if you wait too long to talk to her about it the situation will get kind of awkward to talk about the farther it is. So, whenever your next chance to actually see her is you should probably try to bring it up to clarify if she was just drunk, so you know whether or not to get your hopes up. State your intentions clearly to her.