Fearful but Enchanted


Fearful but Enchanted

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    May 28, 2017 at 10:07 pm #137810
    Fearful but Enchanted

    I am not sure where to start… about a month and a half ago i met an amazing man. he is 12 years older than me (im. in my 30s he is in his 40s). we both have children the same age. we have so many things in common and we playfully tease about our differences. On our dates we have a great time, when we are together its always amazing. no tension. we laugh and have fun. he talks to me every day. when one of us have to leave he hugs/squeezes me like he doesnt want to let go and kisses me for a long time. Sometimes he will stare at me grinning and when i ask him why he smiles and says “nothing” then he looks away. whenever he says something he checks for reaction. he said he wants someone to spend his life with when we talk about relationship intentions. I am very gaurded because of my past and Im terrified as to whether i am reading him right or not. Is it safe to let go and fall head over heels or should i keep up walls? I am just so afraid to be hurt again. thnx I advance 🙂

    May 29, 2017 at 9:23 am #137826

    It sounds to me like you have absolutely no issue with this guy and he’s given you no reason to believe that he’s not interested. If you want to be in a relationship then your past issues have to be addressed at some point, and speaking from experience I know how hard it is to open up to someone again after you’ve been burnt in the past. But at some point, you have to open up to someone and this guy, from your brief discription, sounds like he’d be someone to help you through it all. I’m not saying dive in head over heels but definitely give him a chance, and let him know that you want to take it slow if you’re worried or nervous.
    Really hope this helps and all the best xx