Finding if a girl likes me?


Finding if a girl likes me?

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    April 8, 2013 at 4:54 pm #27972
    Finding if a girl likes me?

    me and a female co-worker talking more, texting almost daily and she has over text spilled her guts over long texts and telling me personal things about family or how she is feeling..I am afraid if I try to make a move it would hurt the friendship we have.Well I guess details would be telling me she is at a certain table after work or being noticeably excited if I texted her. For body language, I guess the eye on eye chatting and not really trying to hold hands or anything.There is long texts and I have been helping her out or giving my advice on things going on in the persons life.It sounds like it is appreciated and that she likes talking with me or taking out time to do so.what else would you want to know. I am in late twenties but have never had a strong relationship or something to go beyond a month or weeks so I am relatively inexperienced. We have gone out to bars and talked alot or her drive me home and we talk along time and hug and go on our way. my other close friends say oh she likes you but I just don’t want to guess.

    April 11, 2013 at 5:01 pm #28439

    I told this to someone else who seems to be having mixed signals. Ask her out! That is…if you like her too.

    Say you’ve enjoyed how close you’ve got with her and that she deserves a nice night out on the town. You probably know what places she likes to go to so invite her to an obvious date. I thin kyou need to make sure you distinguish friend vs. potential match. Since you two have a good friendship, she needs to know your intentions upfront. When you guys have conversation try to not get back into your routine of “best friend” talk and compliment her and say nice things to her.

    Anyway, I think you have a chance based on what you’ve said so just throw yourself out there and if she says no, then play it cool and be her “best friend” again.

    May 2, 2013 at 5:16 pm #30363

    I agree with what cory has to say. It’s worth the risk if you recently started talking to her like this. She probably saw she could trust you with detailed secrets about her so you feel like a merited friend. Thing is if you show signs of liking her and she only wants to be her friend, yea, it could get messy.

    So tell her you respect her and appreciate that she is willing to be so open about her life but you’d like to take her out on a “date” and see if you two hit it off. Don’t say you’re definitely into her, just throw the idea out there and see if she’s willing to see if there are “sparks” and if there aren’t then back to friends you go. you can’t say you “like” her at all because you’ve only gotten to know her one way, once the romance spikes up then you can see if there’s an attraction there or not…