First Argument.  What to do?  When to apologize?  Should I?


First Argument. What to do? When to apologize? Should I?

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    November 21, 2016 at 2:46 pm #118025
    First Argument. What to do? When to apologize? Should I?

    I’ve been dating this girl for about 4 months. I’m 32 and she’s 23. This is the first time I’ve dated younger. Things have been going very well until the past couple of weeks. I haven’t seen her in two weeks and every time we make plans she cancels and won’t really give me a definitive answer as to when we will see each other again. She is a very busy and I understand that and when she cancels I do not think she is lying but when we make plans she does not tell me that she has other stuff going on the day then cancels last minute due to not having time. She cancelled on me on Sunday right after I told her I was headed over. The fifth time i two weeks. (Sick, family, etc..) I called right away to express my feelings on the situation. It wasn’t as much an argument rather me letting off steam. I explained from my end what it looks like to be cancelled over and over and expressed that I was not mad at her but simply asked that she not make maybe plans constantly and tell me no if she can n

    November 21, 2016 at 2:48 pm #118027

    can not see me and not lead me on to think we have plans then cancel. It was fine until she pretty much had no reaction to what I was saying and I got a little more heated. I left it with telling her I’m done trying to plans things and am going to leave up to her to call me when she decides that we can see each other with absolutely no chance of something else getting in the way. All she said was ok. Then I hung up. I felt bad about the way I approached it but am not sorry for expressing how I feel about it. I called her that night as I wanted to apologize about how I talked to her and don’t like leaving things in a bad way. She didn’t answer. How should I approach this? Do I apologize or let it be until I hear from her? This was our first argument and I do not want it to ruin things going forward.