First Date and now she wont respond…need help


First Date and now she wont respond…need help

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    January 18, 2017 at 10:33 am #123393
    First Date and now she wont respond…need help

    To start off, I met this girl through one of my friends. I got her number and we were texting for a week getting to know each other. we have a lot of things in common and have been getting along well. I went out on a date with her last week, it went very well. We were having a good time. Ever since that first date I feel like it just fell apart. Now whenever I send her a snapchat, she opens it and doesn’t respond, maybe once. I texted her a few days ago and our conversation went good but i still feel like its not like how it used to be. I was the last one to send a text and she saw it but didn’t respond to my question. I want to text her but don’t want to say “hey, whats up?” or ” hey hows your day going.” because I feel like it will be boring. I want to make things right. I don’t know what to text her now or maybe i should call her?. I feel like maybe she’s playing hard to get, making me chase her. I need help what to tell her. Thanks

    January 18, 2017 at 6:31 pm #123572

    wait a bit (a few weeks) and then ask her out on another date.. and not “wanna go out?”
    have a plan already like, “so i read that there is this cool scavenger hunt thing going on downtown next Fri @ 6pm.. sounded like fun to me. was wondering if you’d be interested in joining me and try it out? And maybe grab dinner afterwards.. i nkow this place right by there…”

    See what she says.
    Her answer represents her interest level in you.

    Once you find the answer.. accept it and respect it.

    Good luck!