Gave my number to guy at work over 2 days ago now what?


Gave my number to guy at work over 2 days ago now what?

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    December 6, 2015 at 9:26 pm #89577
    Gave my number to guy at work over 2 days ago now what?

    Guy started working here about 2 months ago. He works in the other part of the the same department so see him here and there. I can definitely tell the guy has been into me for weeks but has not made a move pretty sure he even confided in a friend of his at work who I have known for years from work. After about 2 weeks or so realized into him as well. So after weeks of this going on got the courage to give him my number. Wondering if I handled wrong after happened. I was so nervous with it all kinda avoided him the 10 minutes or so he was up to get some items for work. I also put in the note with my number about maybe going to the movies sometime to hangout one being want to see this movie we both would like I think and thought a way to hangout as I put it. Been since Friday have not heard anything. Not sure how to handle things now. I do have to see him here and there at work. What could he be thinking? Also think we are at a least 10 year age difference but not sure he realizes.

    December 8, 2015 at 1:01 pm #89725

    Ohhhh. Hey, we all take a chance once in a while, right? I think guys like to lead though. I know, it sucks. You want to take some chances and be the one to act, just in case he wanted to and hasn’t gotten the nerve up. Unfortunately, men get really turned off by that kind of approach. You can flirt and suggest, but you should never straight out give your guy a number and ask him out. If defeats the whole purpose of him “winning” you over. If you were nervous and not really confident, it really makes things that much worse. Now, he thinks you’re insecure to boot! Is there hope? Maybe, start talking to him in the break rooms or wherever you see him in the office. Start with “Hi!” or “Hey!” Nothing more, unless he starts a conversation! Then, for Goodness sake, stick around! Just play with him, don’t bring up the whole number thing: It never happened!!!! Just start small talk about work, sports, what’s going on at work, etc. If he is interested, he should start to respond.

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    December 8, 2015 at 9:18 pm #89771

    As a guy, if I was interested in a girl, I would respond quickly in a situation like this. Maybe he was into you at one point but moved on. Or maybe not.