Getting Confused


Getting Confused

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    October 5, 2013 at 1:52 pm #40676
    Getting Confused

    So I’m sure there are tons of posts out there very similar to mine but I figured it’s best to explain my specific predicament.

    So I met this guy in school and we get along great. We hang out during class and talk and everything. He always has very good eye contact, to the point where we are almost staring sometimes. He smiles, he laughs, he teases me, he gets in my personal bubble sometimes, and his feet frequently are stretched towards me. We text for hours most days, a lot of the time I initiate this though. However, he’s the one that keeps it going.

    I suggested a movie night and he was all for it, then pulled the “I’ll let you know” card.

    However, we had the movie night at his house a week ago and things went good. He showed interest, got me food, made me a drink (non-alcoholic, so no, alcohol did not cloud our judgement), asking lots of questions and really listening. He stretched his legs out onto me at one point and we ended the night cuddling and hugging goodnight.

    He’s even texted me when I was stressed asking what was wrong, when he himself was sick. Something my ex-boyfriend would have never done. Now HE is the one who has suggested a second movie night, but again pulled out the “I’ll let you know” card. This time he bailed because he was going out with friends (I heard them talking about it too, so it wasn’t an excuse). But then he brought up again that we will have to have this movie night. So he’s not totally bailing…

    He’s also given me a nick name and calls me that frequently which according to google is a good thing, like guys don’t just do that with anyone. (real nick name, not “baby” or anything like that). He’s also offered me rides when I need them.

    One other problem is that he seems friendly with other girls, just maybe not to the same extent as he is with me? (Being more so with me I mean, and not saying he isn’t allowed to have other female friends, I just mean I’ve noticed similar interactions). However, I don’t think I’ve noticed him staring at them though like he does with me.

    So basically, is he interested? Or is he just a nice guy and this is all in my head?

    By the way I’m a senior in University and not good at dating (obviously)! My ex is the one who made all the advances so now I just kind of assume that if a guy is interested he will make it very clear.

    October 8, 2013 at 3:22 am #40760

    I’m not an expert (clearly) I just feel like these threads deserve a reply..feel free to weight in on mine.

    In my opinion all signs seem to point to him liking you. I can see why you are confused though with him bailing on your plans and what’s odd to me is during hours of texting he never got personal and made things clear. Maybe he is waiting for a sign from you?

    I know it’s out of your comfort level but maybe when you guys have a good conversation going during text you could ask him how he feels about you. The reply would let you know if it’s worth pursueing or not. Sometimes we need a push lol.

    October 8, 2013 at 4:15 am #40763

    He does seem interested. Some guys are better at showing it then others, but it seems like he is in the beginning stage of interest. Just keep talking to him, responding with interest as well and if he keeps bailing on you….I would either bring it up to him that its unacceptable or write him off. But so far everything sounds normal! 🙂

    October 8, 2013 at 9:37 am #40769

    Nervous4life: Thank-you for your response! To clarify, during texting he does seem to get slightly personal or at least flirty. We aren’t talking about the weather. He will frequently include “awww” in what he is saying, or “:)” “;)” but otherwise, no, he hasn’t outright said anything, even during text. Although it is outside of my comfort level I do plan on bringing this up to him sometime. It would just be nice if it could be in person during a movie night or something as opposed to text or ambushing him after class, haha. But thank you again for your input!

    lolbye000: thank-you for your response as well! It was nice to hear that as opposed to my mother’s “keep your options open”. I do plan on continuing interest! I’m just gonna let him do a little more of the work xD such as starting conversations, but otherwise all will be normal!

    October 24, 2013 at 4:49 am #41792

    i’m actually in a similar situation right now too.. but i’ve never dated and i didn’t know what to look for so i’m not quite sure if he’s just a nice guy (he really is a nice guy though) or if he actually likes me or not. my friend says all the signs point to being interested.. like body language, finding any reason to touch you (shoulder, arm, hand..), or just plain invasion of personal space lol ..because nobody wants to touch or be near someone he/she doesn’t like. it does seem like he’s interested though, but i’m obviously no expert and still trying to figure out my own mystery 😛