girl in a club


girl in a club

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    April 10, 2013 at 4:58 pm #28350
    girl in a club

    so I go on sundays to the only club that is open on town, I usually go there after work, dance a little relax, talk to people, and so on,, I rarely look for girls in clubs, plus on SUNDAYS you don’t see that many, so this last sunday I was standing on the dance floor listening the music, you know.. and this girl with her friend started dancing in front of me, I have seen them before in the club on sundays, but didn’t bother paying attention to them, so she dance in front of me like 2 songs, before she left I touch her arm gently to let her know that i notice her, she went to the dance floor and after 5 min. I decided to approach to her and introduce my self, as soonest I got there 2 guys started talking with them, so I left, 20 minutes later I saw them dancing by themselves again, I approch and I started dancing behind them, she notice that, I told her how cute she looked, she said thank you, seriously, so I though that was it,… so I continue with my night, she later approach to me and started dancing in front of me again, so I followed along, I tried to grab her in a gently manner, witch she did let me but then back off and left again,,, she came back again and same thing, I asked for her name and she said X name, so we played the mouse and cat game all night….. witch I found kinda weird I felt like we knew each other, and that she was teasing me or flirting with me,, she was scare to look at my eyes,,
    I’m a good looking guy, I do catch attention of beautiful women all the time, specially mature women, don’t know why, I have this baby sexy face, that they like I guess…. so I don’t know what to do,,, I’m sure I’ll see her this sunday night, what should I do.. I think she was giving me the signal of “hey I’m not a slut that comes to a club and you can just hold on to it”.. so any ADVICE..?? I really like her a lot,, BUT CAN YOU FIN LOVE IN A DANCE CLUB????

    April 11, 2013 at 5:09 pm #28442

    Sounds like you’re just sexually attracted to her. Don’t automatically assume you “know each other” OR that you’ll just “find” love. you met somewhere mutually and she played a little eye-candy game for her to notice you.

    Next time don’t just stand quietly on the dance floor. If she’s old enough, ask her if she’d like a drink. Look into her eyes and see if she catches on. Smile, make her feel confident in you (since you’re only a stranger) and while the bartender’s getting drinks, get her name. Get to know her a bit and then ask if she’d like to dance. If she says no then leave her your number. Leave the ball in her court and see if she takes the bait to call you another night…