Girl seemed very interested, then disappeared


Girl seemed very interested, then disappeared

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    July 22, 2013 at 4:45 pm #35711
    Girl seemed very interested, then disappeared

    Want to get some opinions on this enigma that is this girl. Although, I probably already know the answer. I’m 24 and she’s two years younger than me.
    Anyway, I met this girl at a dancing club through a mutual friend, and we hit it right away. We danced with each other most of the night, exchanged numbers, and flirted through texts through out the evening. I took her to her house, we kissed and hugged romantically.
    Next day, we went on a date, and even though I was exhausted and not so chatty, she enjoyed herself. We went for ice cream, then a movie. We talked about family, college life, and future plans. We seemed to be on the same page on most topics. She even asked me to show her where I lived. Plus, she admitted to having a good time and couldn’t wait to hang out again. We kissed once more, and she seemed very happy about it.
    Since then, I have been waiting a day in between to text her to see how she was doing. Anyway, 4 days after our date, she suddenly stopped contacting me. I sent a casual text two days ago, and no response. I called her today and left a funny message inviting her out, and again, no response.
    I’m just perplexed that a girl who seemed so interested would suddenly go cold like that. I am ready to give up on her and move on, but I want some opinions so I can learn from my mistakes.

    July 23, 2013 at 7:16 pm #35870

    I think this might be a case of too much too soon. Sometimes in the beginning of relationships we make a fatal mistake of spending too much time together and sharing too much too soon. It often times scares the other person off because the relationship is moving too quickly.

    My advice is to let it breathe. The ball is in her court now so you need to wait and here from her. She may eventually contact you back, she may not. All relationships need this time to breathe. Take things slow, limit your time together, and allow space when you’re not together. This will allow the relationship to develop and progress naturally rather than forcing it or pushing for more before it’s time.