Girl trouble need your help please!!!!?


Girl trouble need your help please!!!!?

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    March 25, 2013 at 9:26 pm #26817
    Girl trouble need your help please!!!!?

    *plzzz read this *
    Ok, so im a senior in high school and i like my ex again we went to the same grammar school and everything, we liked each other in 8th grade and went out for 2 weeks but broke up cause she wasnt really into me back then so we just became friends from then on then she went to a different high school and came to mine cause her’s closed in sofmore year so she came to mine for junior year, we started talking again but she went out with some other guy then they broke up and she told me she loved me and wanted to start “talking”, so we talked for 2 weeks and then i kinda cheated on her and i said something stupid to her friend who was also my friend that i would like her less if i had sex with her which i dont know why the hell i said that and i never meant it but yea i made a mistake then she broke up with me and said she will never trust me and cursed me out and didnt talk to me for a year. after me and her stopped “talking” two months later she stated dating a new guy , hes a year older in college now soo after a year one day i was on fb and she got accepted into a college and she put up a status about it and i liked it so she messaged me and asked me what college am i going to and then she told me she isnt angry anymore and she missed me , and that i was mad funny in class, so 3 days ago was the fashion show and she asked me to be her partener to walk with her like fake prom for the show , and then after the show was done she left saying she had a huge headack and i texted her asking her what was wrong she said she was almost going to faint and she broke up with her bf and asked me if i had a prom date i said no and she didnt text back and i check yesterday on her fb that she is back with her bf again so what should i do be friends with her or leave her alone, understand i really like this girl and all the other girls in my school are slutty or ugly , and i really like her cause i known her most of my life since 3rd grade. do u think me and her have a chance after high school and if she does break up again with her bf

    March 26, 2013 at 12:04 am #26819

    Two things – First of all, if you ever want to have a chance with any kind of woman worth having I would stop referring to other women as being “ugly” or “slutty”. This kind of attitude will turn off any emotionally and intellectually mature women, as well it should. And in any case women are not necessarily ugly just because you’re not attracted to them, and they’re not necessarily slutty just because they dress provocatively or because the high school rumor mill says they are. I also have to say I find it rather disturbingly ironic that the very guys who are pressuring these girls into having sex with them are the very same ones who are usually labeling them as sluts afterwards.
    Secondly, and more importantly, even the strongest and most stable of high school relationships are not likely to survive even the first year of college, particularly when attending separate colleges. And let’s face it, you two have NEVER had anything even remotely resembling a stable relationship. It seem to me that, pretty much from the get go, she has only ever shown interest in you during the brief periods of time when she was in between relationships with the kinds of guys she really wants. Do you really want to be this girl’s consolation prize for a few days every other year?
    Anyway my answer to your question is, no, I don’t think that you and this girl have much of a chance of ever having any kind of meaningful relationship.
    Of course it really doesn’t matter what I think or what anyone else on here thinks. The bottom line is; if you like her then you should probably just go for it. Like anything else in life it will either work or it won’t – simple as that. And lets face it, the only true failure in life is not trying.