Girlfriend Cheated, but will do anything to get me back..


Girlfriend Cheated, but will do anything to get me back..

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    September 24, 2015 at 1:29 am #85852
    Girlfriend Cheated, but will do anything to get me back..

    I have been dating this girl who Iove very much for about 2 years now and was living with me. For the past few months she has been partying with work friends a way too much.. I did trust her most of the time during that period up until last week she was being very sketchy and I checked her phone, come to find out I saw a random text from another guy.. I knew something was going on so i confronted her and she told me she cheated, and hen started to give me the it was a mistake story, it will never happen again.. I broke up with her and she is back at her parents. She has texted me many times with remorse and dropped cards, flowers, apple pie and ice cream at my font door. She is pleading that she will change/ turn her life around for me and do anything. Part me wants to believe her and the other just wants to move on. I can only make this decision on my own, I’m going to give it about a month or 2 to really clear my head and make sure she has shown a big improvement. Thoughts please?

    September 24, 2015 at 3:56 pm #85871

    I think you guys should leave it at that. For one she doesn’t respect you, and any relationship where you have to look through someones phone is never good. The trust is broken and not saying she was in the right but you shouldn’t want someone who will “do anything” to get you back. You should invest your time and emotions into someone who respected you from the beginning. If you do decide to get back with her I think you guys should take it real slow and try to build up that trust again but it won’t be easy:/ good luck!

    September 25, 2015 at 2:19 am #85921

    You can not go back to what you had be it two days, two months, or two years… Any new relationship with this person will be different you can’t erase or forget the past. Trust has been broken which takes time to rebuild if both party’s work to rebuild it. Yes both party’s have to work at it. You can’t hold the her breach of trust against her. She has to make steps to earn that trust again.

    Taking a step back to asses your feelings and if you are able to let the transgression pass.