He just confuses me so much, what should i do now ?


He just confuses me so much, what should i do now ?

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    June 12, 2016 at 4:41 pm #103238
    He just confuses me so much, what should i do now ?

    I have attended the same middle school as this guy, he cought my attention back then but i have never really spoken to him until the beginning of this year when we met as we shared the same group of friends during an event. we have been speaking for around 3 months or so, from the very start he was being friendly to me, he would text me first, he would always flirt with me and tell his friend about me. Few days ago he called me on the phone and we kept talking for 5 hours straight, however, at some point he asked if i have a boyfriend and if i do like someone, i denied for sure because i didnt have the courage to make the first move, i asked him the same thing and he told me that he has a story but he has never told anybody, he gave me few hints and i could tell that he likes a girl who already has a boyfriend, i was disappointed and pretty hurt. i don’t really get it,during the whole conversation he kept telling me personal stuff, flirting and laughing about the randomest things i say

    June 13, 2016 at 2:40 pm #103314

    AWW. im sorry to hear that he hinted at liking another girl. Mhmmm from the things you said I would say that he appears to be interested hence the FIVE hour long conversation. But at the same time,he may be just as afraid to admit that you are the one he likes ad could be making up this story about this girl. Also, if I were you I would monitor the situation and then make my judgement on if to pursue anything with this guy. I wish you all the best