He likes me. I like him. Unsure if we are on the same wavelength though…


He likes me. I like him. Unsure if we are on the same wavelength though…

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    March 18, 2017 at 1:07 pm #130472
    He likes me. I like him. Unsure if we are on the same wavelength though…

    It is very clear we are both attracted to each other and enjoy each others company.
    We spoke for a good few weeks online before meeting. We seen each other again a few days later and another has been arranged.
    We kissed on the 2nd date. He has tried to see me more and as much as id of loved to, it hasnt been possible.
    I think i have made it clear that i am not just up for sex, so i think he knows im after a relationship.
    Im no longer on dating websites (not due to him), i came off before we met. I remember his profile saying he was looking for fun though.
    We text quite a lot. Always a good morning and goodnight.
    I am now wondering how to find out if i am just wasting my time, or if he is interested enough to not just be looking for fun.

    Out of all the dates ive had he is the one i feel a connection with. The only one ive let kiss me. It would be just my luck if we werent on the same wavelength ha

    March 20, 2017 at 8:51 am #130495

    Welll i slept with him. It just felt natural and so comfortable.
    We have spoken a bit since, but he has gone quiet. We are meant to meet up tonight so if that doesnt happen at least ill have my answer.

    I am prepared for this to be the end of it, and in a way pleased that if it is we didnt get so far in.
    Ill be a bit gutted if it is as i really do like him

    March 20, 2017 at 8:51 am #130496

    I ended up sleeping with him without finding anything out.
    He said he was definitely up for meeting up tonight(out, not sex) and we have spoken today. Only he has just gone quiet on me.
    Hes possibly busy but having to wait until we are meant to meet to find out if hes vanished into thin air or not is going to be hard.

    I expect there is a high chance that is him done and dusted.
    Why cant people just be honest though, it is so much easier to deal with.
    I would text him that but no doubt it would look terrible ha.

    I suppose on the flip side there is the odd chance he is thinking similar. He would have spent the night but i said no. Ive been overthinking too much about the sex that i might not have been very talkative. Maybe we are just in some kind of awkward phase. Thats wishful thinking though