He makes me very happy but I know others will be hurt…


He makes me very happy but I know others will be hurt…

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    March 31, 2015 at 1:58 pm #76372
    He makes me very happy but I know others will be hurt…

    I have known my friend since grade school. Our relationship has come and gone over the last 30 years. She and I are opposites, and if it weren’t for our long history we would likely not become friends if we met today. We have been drifting apart for years now. She and her ex husband have been divorced for nearly ten years now.
    I recently experienced a long term family medical crisis during which my ex husband nearly died. We have been divorced for almost five years now. My ex and her ex are also old friends but they too have taken different paths and have not been close in quite some time.
    During the months of my ex’s recovery my friend initially was supportive however she quickly retreated. Her ex however proved to be an incredible friend to both of us, and was ever present and a rock during the worst time. Things have since settled out and we have all returned to norm, except now we find ourselves developing serious feelings for one another & have been getting together often. WWYD?

    March 31, 2015 at 2:42 pm #76383

    Nothing happened between us while helping my ex get back on his feet. About three weeks ago he invited me out for a drink so we could catch up on everything, and in a neutral setting after all the drama was over I saw him in a very different light. We have discovered a mutual attraction and have talked at length about pursuing a relationship. We both understand the consequences of lost friendships and hurt feelings, but we are extremely compatible and have found a very meaningful strong connection. We talk and text everyday now but still have not slept together.
    I never saw this coming and am taken aback by how very comfortable I am with him. There is no bad intent and this connection developed “cleanly” after the fact… We have been discreet about things until we decide how or when to tell others but neither one of us likes being sneaky. We have many mutual friends and our children that will be affected. All I know is I can’t stop smiling and he is on my mind 24/7.