Help! Boy Problems


Help! Boy Problems

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    July 21, 2016 at 2:22 pm #106037
    Help! Boy Problems

    So I’m in college and the last week I was there I met this really nice and sweet boy. He seemed so different to me because he seemed like he had his head on straight and very caring. So we hung out a lot the last week I was there. He told me he would be working all summer and be very busy, so we probably wouldn’t talk as much, but he said that he would be loyal. I really want to trust that he is, but he is a guy. Of course, we already had sex, so I’m kind of stuck on him. The beginning of summer we still talked normally, but now that it is the end of summer things have changed. I haven’t talked to him in a month. I always hit him up first the past couple of times. I really like him and want things to work out between us, but I’m just not sure. I like his Instagram pics sometimes so he can atleast think about me and he likes mine also sometimes. I feel like he should have time to at least text me “hey”. Of course my friend thinks I shouldn’t text him first again. Please give some advice

    July 24, 2016 at 5:27 pm #106363

    oh man! you have lost yourself….he is not responding and that’s the reality. You have lost your standards as to how you want to be treated. The challenge here is…you only hung out for a week which means that is VERY LITTLE time to create any type of deep bond. To commit to “being loyal” is a bit over ambitious…guy or not. You guys BARELY know each other. You need to let him go. He is no longer responding and you are waiting like a little puppy dog for him to pay attention to you. I get it as I have done the same thing….it’s a common things most women go through a handful of times in our lives. You deserve to have a guy who is excited to see you and talk to you. You deserve to have a guy who is as responsive to you as you are to him. When you are the only one initiating connection, that’s a problem. I suggest making him start to work for it and earn the right of your connection vs. just offering it so freely. If you don’t see your connection….yourself….as

    July 24, 2016 at 5:29 pm #106364

    as valuable and worth fighting for, then he won’t either. So step away….let him go. If he decides he want’s to keep the connection going and start to initiate conversation, then he will. If he doesn’t, then you are wasting your precious energy on a guy who isn’t that into you anymore. It might change once you get back to school. Doing the whole long distance thing is pretty impossible when something is just starting out…especially at your age. So let him go and get connected back to yourself. Make a guy work for you!!!!

    July 24, 2016 at 10:10 pm #106371

    Yeah it sounds like you may have just simply lost the connection. You deserve someone who wants to be connected with you and wants you in his life. He may have been interested at an earlier time but unfortunately I think it may be time to let go. 🙁 I wish I had better news!